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Bus safety

Your safety is important to Council. To ensure your bus journey is as safe and comfortable as possible, please follow these simple safety tips.

Before you travel

  • have your go card or money ready before your bus arrives
  • hail the driver.

Hail the driver

Don’t forget to hail the driver if you are waiting at a bus stop. This signal, used across Brisbane and universally for years, lets the bus driver know that you wish to board their bus. Hailing the bus early gives the driver time to stop safely and provides a comfortable journey for everyone. 

Boarding your bus

  • give way to exiting passengers before you hop on
  • if you are unsure about your bus route or destination, please use the MyTransLink app or ask the driver
  • if you require the ramp to be activated, please ask your driver
  • Council's low floor buses allow for a level access through the front door, instead of stairs, for ease of boarding
  • keep one hand free to hold the handrail
  • if there are no seats available, use the grab handles or hand rails for support.

Travelling on the bus

  • keep the aisle free by storing large items in the luggage rack at the front of the bus
  • avoid changing seats while the bus is in motion
  • keep your grip and enjoy your trip.

Approaching your destination

  • press the stop button well before your stop, at least 100 metres, to allow the bus driver to stop smoothly and safely
  • if you cannot reach a stop button, ask another passenger to assist you
  • stay seated until the bus has come to a complete stop
  • use the grab handles or hand rails for support as you make your way off the bus.

By following these simple safety tips you are helping to make travelling by bus a more enjoyable experience for all.

Bus evacuation

Find out how to evacuate a Transport for Brisbane bus in the unlikely event that your bus operator is unable to provide instructions to you and other passengers during an evacuation.

17 July 2017