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North Quay ferry terminal upgrade

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce the completion of the North Quay ferry terminal's land-based works.

The upgraded terminal improves accessibility for people with a mobility or vision impairment and helps to provide a more efficient transport network to cater for the increasing number of passengers over the next 50 years.


Address North Quay, Brisbane
Ward Central
Project outcome

The upgraded North Quay terminal:

  • is flood resilient
  • has improved accessibility
  • helps to provide a more efficient transport network
  • caters for the increasing number of passengers over the next 50 years 
Latest news

The upgraded North Quay ferry terminal opened on 15 June 2015 followed by the completion of the North Quay ferry terminal's land-based works in April 2016. 

These works allow improved accessibility to the upgraded ferry terminal for people with mobility impairments. New accessibility measures include a 50 metre pathway link from Queens Wharf Road as well as a lift to reduce journey time.

For timetable information or to plan your journey visit or phone TransLink on 13 12 30.

About the project

Following the 2011 flood, Council received funding from the Australian and Queensland governments through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) to replace North Quay and six other ferry terminals with permanent facilities with improved flood resilience.

The North Quay ferry terminal upgrade involved:

  • installing a flood-resilient dual-berthing pontoon
  • installing a robust 11 metre pier with the capacity to deflect heavy objects in flood waters
  • installing a new gangway that detaches at the shore end in the event of a flood, allowing it to swing behind the pontoon and avoid being struck by debris
  • retaining and improving the existing waiting area. 

Completion of land-based works

The North Quay ferry terminal’s land-based works will improve accessibility to the upgraded terminal. These works involved:

  • constructing a new accessible link from Queens Wharf Road to the terminal, including 50 metres of pathway
  • installing a lift to reduce the journey time for people with mobility impairment
  • maintaining the nearby state heritage listed bridge abutment, wall and fence railing
  • improving safety and access for people with mobility or vision impairment needs.

A more accessible terminal

The new terminal has been designed to make access as easy as possible for everyone, by including:

  • continuous handrails along the gangway and pontoon to guide commuters from the terminal entrance to the boarding gate
  • simple journey maps, with braille, that will include where you are and which direction you can travel to other terminals
  • tactile signage including tactile ground surface indicators that will help to provide safer wayfinding
  • a gangway that will remain accessible and maintain level landings as the river rises and falls
  • an accessible ramp on the pontoon from the gangway to the boarding gate
  • additional seating and rest zones in the waiting area
  • improved terminal lighting that will meet current standards, including signage lighting.

A robust pier

The new pier at North Quay has been engineered to have greater impact resilience to debris floating down the river during a flood. The pier will be anchored to the riverbed by steel piles.

As a deflection structure, the pier is designed to deflect debris away from the terminal to avoid significant impact to the pontoon. The pier is designed to anchor the pontoon so it is unlikely to float away in a severe flood event.

The new pontoon

The new pontoon at North Quay is large enough to allow two CityCats or a CityCat and CityFerry to berth at the same time, subject to tidal conditions, helping improve efficiency across the network.

The upstream end of the boat-shaped pontoon has been designed to include additional deflection capabilities, further protecting the terminal during a flood.

The pontoon includes an accessible ramp from the gangway to the safe boarding area for people with a mobility impairment.

State-of-the-art gangway

The gangway at North Quay is a world first for a ferry network. It has been designed to detach at the shore end during a flood. By detaching, the gangway can rise with flood waters and swing behind the pontoon, removing it from the direct impact zone from debris in the water.

This gangway design will help Council get services back up and running quickly after a serious flood event.

The gangway has also been specially designed to remain accessible during most tidal conditions. Landings on the gangway will remain flat even as the river rises and falls.

Final works

Due to the planned removal of the existing stairway and the reinstatement of the heritage wall, night works and occasional evening lane closures of Queens Wharf Road may be required. These works are expected to be completed in mid-November, weather permitting.

More information

If you would like to provide comments, ask questions or find out more about the North Quay ferry terminal upgrade project, you can:

  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Transport Planning and Programs team
    Transport Planning and Strategy
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001 
22 September 2017