School transport

Recent surveys of Queensland primary schools indicate that up to 80% of children are driven to school every morning.

By rethinking travel behaviours with our children and undertaking active school travel options such as walking, cycling, riding a scooter, car pooling and using public transport we can all play a part in reducing traffic around schools.


Active School Travel program

Council’s Active School Travel program is a behaviour-change program designed to educate and motivate students, parents and teachers to leave the car at home and actively travel to and from school. 


Safe roads around schools

Council supports a number of initiatives to encourage safety on the roads around our schools. Learn about the Safe School Travel (SafeST) program and funding opportunities, Council’s Enhanced School Zone Signage program, and the Queensland Government’s crossing supervisor scheme.



School traffic management plans

School Traffic Management Plans are a way for schools to manage their traffic and parking issues. Council recognises that each school is unique and has prepared a template to help schools assess its unique challenges and find appropriate solutions.