School transport

By rethinking travel behaviours with our children and undertaking active school travel options such as walking, cycling, riding a scooter, car pooling and using public transport we can all play a part in reducing traffic around schools.


Active School Travel program

Council’s Active School Travel program is a behaviour-change program designed to educate and motivate students, parents and teachers to leave the car at home and actively travel to and from school. 


Safe roads around schools

Council supports a number of initiatives to provide infrastructure to protect our children and school communities and encourage safety on the roads around our schools. Learn about Council’s Enhanced School Zone Signage program, the Safe School Travel Infrastructure program and funding opportunities, the Traffic Management Plan Improvements and the Queensland Government’s crossing supervisor scheme.


School traffic management plans

Council works with schools and local communities to make our city a safe environment for children, families and carers to travel. As part of this commitment, we're supporting schools to develop tailored traffic management plans to help ease traffic congestion and increase safety around schools to get you home quicker and safer.