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Active School Travel benefits and testimonials

Active School Travel (AST) is a three-year, award-winning Council program to educate and motivate students, parents, carers and teachers to reduce car use and actively travel to and from school.

The program is for schools who want healthier, more active students and families; greater road safety awareness, safer streets and reduced traffic congestion.

Since launching in 2004, the AST program has worked with 157 schools and 104,000 students and helped to swap up to 35% of car trips to an active and healthy transport alternative.

When children walk, cycle, scoot or take public transport to school, they are provided with valuable opportunities to keep fit and healthy, learn independence and basic life skills like how to cross the road safely. 

Find out what schools receive in the AST program. You can also hear how the program has positively influenced students and provided benefits to the school, community and families. 

Testimonial video

In this video we speak to staff and parents from Greenslopes State School and Robertson State School about their involvement in the AST program.

You can also view this video on Council's YouTube account.

Read the Active School Travel school testimonials video transcript.

More information

For more information about the Active School Travel program and to nominate or register your interest in the program you can:

10 August 2018