Active School Travel blog


The hotly contested Active School Travel Golden Boot is still the most sought after inter-school trophy around.


Council is creating a series of short videos for schools to share their successes and to promote Active School Travel.


The Active School Travel (AST) team creates customised active travel maps for each school in the AST program.

Regular promotion of your achievements and AST events is essential for a successful program in your school.

There are easy strategies to engage and to keep and build on your momentum.

Bikes, scooters and inline skates are a great way to actively travel over the school holidays.

Most cars travelling to and from school have only one passenger. So why not try carpooling to reduce traffic congestion, make the streets around schools safer as well as cut down the amount of pollution our children breathe?

Some schools can find it challenging to maintain or increase their active travel statistics. If your school is struggling find out how to beat the plateau.


Thousands of high school students across Brisbane catch the bus to school every day yet only a handful of primary school do.


Corporate partners can play a vital role in boosting AST, providing funding, in-kind support and other goods and services to help supplement your school’s activities.