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School traffic management plans

Every day, Brisbane City Council works with schools and local communities to make our city a safe environment for children, families and carers to travel. As part of this commitment, Council offers help and guidance to local schools to develop tailored traffic management plans that assess traffic and safety challenges specific to the area and find appropriate solutions that complement existing road safety strategies.

What is a traffic management plan?

A traffic management plan (TMP) is a tool for schools to assess, document and communicate the way in which students can travel to and from school.

Preparing a TMP helps schools identify and address traffic management issues such as:

  • safety and parking concerns associated with ‘drop and go’ zones
  • illegal parking and stopping outside of school grounds
  • students, parents and carers crossing the road at inappropriate locations.

Benefits of developing a TMP may include:

  • safer school streets
  • eased traffic congestion around your school
  • more efficient pick-up and drop-off periods
  • increased active travel opportunities for students travelling to and from school
  • school zones operating in a safe and efficient manner
  • fewer complaints from the community.

Preparing your traffic management plan

Council has developed a TMP template to help schools identify and resolve their specific traffic management issues, as well as develop strategies to manage emerging issues.

The template will guide you to consider the size and characteristics of your school, examine the traffic management issues unique to your area, and decide how the plan will be communicated to staff, parents, carers and the broader community.

TMPs can be completed by existing committees within your school, such as P&C, P&F or other school safety committees. Alternatively, Council suggests you establish a traffic management champion or dedicated traffic management committee to drive the development of the plan and monitor its effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

How can Council help?

Council officers are available to offer advice and support to help you prepare your TMP. Once your TMP is complete, Council will review the immediate traffic environment and may be able to support your action plan by installing enhanced ‘drop and go’ signage and line markings if applicable.

Primary schools experiencing traffic or congestion are also encouraged to apply to be part of Council’s Active School Travel program. The program provides a range of resources to improve road safety and student health by encouraging walking, cycling, scootering, car pooling and public transport.

Get involved

If your school would like Council’s support to develop a TMP, or would like more information, please phone Council on 3403 8888 or email the team and a template will be sent to you or your chosen representative.

More information

You can download the:

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