Salisbury Bikeway: stage 2 - Salisbury

Stage 2 of the Salisbury Bikeway project is part of Brisbane City Council's Better Bikeways for Brisbane program, which is dedicated to creating bikeways and active travel options with a $100 million investment.


Address Fairlawn Street, Toohey Road and Evans Road, Salisbury
Ward Moorooka
Project outcome Provide a direct commuter cycle route from Salisbury to the Central Business District
Latest news This project was completed in November 2017

About the project

Council is pleased to advise the construction of stage 2 of the Salisbury Bikeway is now complete.

The project stage has completed the missing cycling link between Toohey Forest Park at Nathan and the existing cycle crossing on Evans Road near Wincott Street, Salisbury.

This project forms part of a larger cycling connection from Sunnybank to the Central Business District and also connects locally with Griffith University.

The project included:

  • construction of a 2.5 metre wide, 450 metre long off-road concrete bikeway that extends from the intersection at Fairlawn Street and Canfield Street, along Toohey Road, Bye Street and onto Evans Road, Salisbury, requiring a kerb build-out that and the removal of the northbound short kerbside lane at the intersection
  • upgrade of the signalised intersection on Toohey Road and Fairlawn Street including installation of pedestrian and cycling facilities
  • upgrade of kerb ramps and local business driveways
  • relocation of four power poles and two traffic signal boxes
  • reconstruction of a concrete retaining wall on the corner of Bye Street and Toohey Road.

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More information

If you would like to provide feedback, ask questions or find out more about the Salisbury Bikeway Stage 2 project, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 600 163 during business hours
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 outside of business hours
  • email the project team.
13 November 2017