Bicycle deflection rail removal strategy | Brisbane City Council

Bicycle deflection rail removal strategy

Brisbane City Council is implementing a strategy to remove bicycle deflection rails (commonly referred to as 'banana bars' due to their curved design and bright yellow colour) from bikeways and shared paths.


Banana bars have been used as vehicle restriction devices on bikeways for the past two decades. They have also been adapted to be used as a device to reduce cyclist speed at conflict points such as roads, intersecting paths, tight corners and potential collision points with other path users.

Community feedback

The use of banana bars on Brisbane bikeways and shared paths has attracted significant feedback, principally from cycling advocacy groups and other path users.

While path users recognise the need to restrict vehicle access to paths, and to slow path users at conflict points, vehicle restriction devices have been criticised for the following reasons:

  1. Banana bars restrict movement to one-way when two-way access would be more desirable and safer in some locations.
  2. The design of banana bars makes it difficult to manoeuvre around them.
  3. Banana bars do not always stop vehicles accessing bikeways and shared paths.


Council has responded to community feedback by:

  • ceasing to install banana bars
  • removing existing banana bars and replacing them with a suitable alternative treatment, such as bollards.

Priority locations for the removal of banana bars will be popular bikeways and shared paths, and paths linking key trip generators and attractors.

08 December 2016