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Wynnum Road corridor upgrade: Stage 1 - East Brisbane

The Wynnum Road corridor is an important route in Brisbane’s road network. It provides access between suburban and commercial catchments in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane, the Central Business District and beyond. 

Brisbane City Council is delivering the upgrade to the Wynnum Road corridor in stages. Stage 1 of the upgrade is from Latrobe Street to Canning Bridge. Once completed, this section of Lytton Road will have six lanes.

Stage 1b of the corridor upgrade will complement the works undertaken in Stage 1. Implementing interim measures to improve traffic efficiency and safety along Wynnum Road, between Canning Bridge and Riding Road.

Construction works for Stage 1 and Stage 1b will be coordinated.

Stage 1 fly-through video

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Project summary

Address Lytton Road - Latrobe Street to Canning Bridge, East Brisbane
Ward The Gabba
Project outcome This upgrade will improve safety for all road users and will help cater for existing and future traffic demands along this busy corridor.
Latest news

Construction activities commenced in early 2018. Expected completion of works is early 2020.

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Project features

The Wynnum Road corridor upgrade Stage 1 involves:

  • widening Lytton Road between Latrobe Street and Canning Bridge from four to six lanes
  • upgrading the bend at Heidelberg Street by changing the curve to improve safety
  • increasing lane widths to 3.3 metres for the inside lanes and 3.7 metres for the outside lanes to improve safety
  • relocating and signalising the intersection at Laidlaw Parade and Lytton Road
  • installing a u-turn facility at the new Laidlaw Parade and Lytton Road intersection
  • installing a centre median to prevent right turns
  • rationalising and indenting bus bays to reduce the impact on traffic flow and improve efficiency
  • providing off-road bike path between Mowbray Park and Laidlaw Parade, with a separate pedestrian footpath
  • removing access to Eskgrove and Scanlan Streets from Lytton Road
  • undergrounding the existing overhead service lines
  • installing up-lighting under feature trees and the war memorial and providing free Wi-Fi in Mowbray Park.

Project benefits

When complete, Stage 1 of the project will:

  • improve safety for all road users 
  • improve road capacity to cater for current demands and accommodate expected traffic growth 
  • improve travel times
  • reduce congestion.

Temporary traffic changes – Lytton Road

The following temporary traffic control measures will be in place from 5am Tuesday 8 January through to 12noon Thursday 10 January, and again from 5am Friday 11 January through to 5am Monday 14 January while works are carried out on Lytton Road:

  • Lytton Road, between Heidelberg Street and Gillan Street, will be reduced to a single lane in each direction.
  • Scanlan Street, approaching the intersection of Lytton Road, will be left-out only (access from Lytton Road into Scanlan Street will remain available from both directions).
  • Laidlaw Parade, at the intersection of Lytton Road, will be closed to traffic.
  • Walter Avenue, at the intersection of Lytton Road, will be closed to traffic.

The section of footpath on the northern side of Lytton Road, from just east of Canning Bridge through to Scanlan Street, will be detoured around the works, with appropriate traffic control measures in place for the protection of footpath users.

In addition, access to Bus Stop 16 (both inbound and outbound) on Lytton Road will be temporarily unavailable while the lane closures are in place. The stops before and after these will continue to remain accessible.

Traffic signage will be in place to direct access, and traffic controllers will be on-site for the duration of these works to assist with directing road users through the area. Road users should plan ahead by investigating alternative routes or allow additional time for travelling through this area.

Construction update

The following works are currently being carried out within the project area. 

Between Wellington Road and Mowbray Park, including Park Avenue

Works include:

  • installing underground public utility services along Lytton Road and across Park Avenue
  • continuing property reinstatement works at the East Brisbane Bowls Club
  • installing street lighting conduits in front of Mowbray Park
  • commencing works to upgrade the heritage style lights in Mowbray Park
  • completing construction of the tree bridge around the historic kauri pine 
  • completing earthworks in this area to bring the ground up to its required height and profile
  • construction of the new shared path through this area.

Between Mowbray Park and Scanlan Street, including Heidelberg and Heath Streets

Works include:

  • continuing construction of the gabion (rock-basket) retaining walls near Eskgrove Street
  • completing earthworks between Mowbray Park and Scanlan Street to bring the ground up to its required height and profile
  • completing private property reinstatement works on the northern side of Lytton Road
  • installing underground public utility services along Lytton Road, including services and across Heidelberg and Heath Streets
  • preparatioon works for construction of the new road pavement on the northern side of Lytton Road.

Between Scanlan Street and Canning Bridge, including Laidlaw Parade and Walter Avenue

Works include:

  • installing underground public utility services along and across Lytton Road and in Laidlaw Parade (near the new intersection)
  • completing private property reinstatement works on the northern side of Lytton Road
  • commencing construction of the new intersection at Lytton Road
  • preparing for construction of the new road pavement on the northern side of Lytton Road.

As the works progress, there will be temporary changes to some footpath arrangements in various locations. In addition, there will be some intermittent restrictions to on-road parking spaces.

Construction hours

Day works

Day time construction works generally take place Monday to Saturday, between 7am and 5pm. 

Night works

Night works generally take place Sunday to Thursday, between 7pm and 5am. Council will complete noisier works (asphalt and concrete cutting, jack hammering, concrete breaking) prior to 11pm, where possible.

Due to the high volume of traffic on Lytton and Wynnum Roads, a lot of construction work is done at night. This is when traffic volumes are lowest and helps minimise traffic disruptions to public transportation and emergency services. Night works will continue throughout the project.

Utilities will be disconnected temporarily during night works when connecting new utilities. These works are mostly carried out at night to minimise disruptions to local residents and businesses.

Temporary construction impacts

Throughout construction, residents and businesses near the works may experience some temporary impacts. These include:

  • increased construction vehicle movements, with reversing beepers and flashing lights
  • changing traffic conditions, including temporary lane closures and footpath detours
  • construction-related noise, including the use of power tools, excavation machinery and jack-hammers, and asphalt and concrete cutting and backfilling
  • increased lighting from portable light towers.

Council is keeping the community informed of construction in their area. We will provide advance notification of noisy night works, service disruptions and major access changes, including disruptions to property access.

Safety first

For the safety of workers and road users, the speed limit will remain at 40 km/h for the duration of the project. When required, signage and traffic controls will be in place to guide road users, pedestrians and cyclists. Slow down and follow the direction of on-site traffic controllers and signage.

Project documents

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Further information is available through the Wynnum Road corridor upgrade – Stage 1b.

More information

If you would like to find out more about this project you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 572 132 (during business hours)
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 (after hours)
  • email the project team
  • visit the:
    Community Information Centre
    89 Lytton Road
    East Brisbane (access via Heidelberg Street)
    open every Tuesday: 10am-12 noon
    Wednesday: 2-4pm or other times by appointment
  • write to:
    Wynnum Road corridor upgrade – Stage 1
    City Projects Office 
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
08 January 2019