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Move Safe Brisbane - Pedestrian Safety Review

Brisbane City Council is committed to delivering safe and accessible active transport options throughout Brisbane for all members of the community.

As part of this commitment, Council conducted the Move Safe Brisbane consultation from 31 July to 28 August 2018 to help improve safety for people walking and riding in Brisbane. The consultation was the first step in gathering feedback on this important issue as part of Council’s Pedestrian Safety Review.

The first projects to be delivered as part of the review is the Ann Street speed reduction and Albert Street scramble crossings. 

Ann Street speed reduction

The Ann Street speed reduction was introduced on Monday 5 November 2018 to improve safety for all road users. The speed reduction is from 60 km/h to 40 km/h on Ann Street (between Creek Street and the Riverside Expressway) in the Brisbane CBD.

Council has installed highly visible speed limit signage and road markings to advise motorists of the new 40 km/h speed limit on part of Ann Street (between Creek Street and the Riverside Expressway).

The change to the Ann Street speed limit has followed the standard speed limit review process, and has been approved by Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and the Queensland Police Service. The speed reduction also brings this section of Ann Street into line with the majority of CBD streets that are 40 km/h.

Albert Street scramble crossings

The Albert Street pedestrian scramble crossings will be introduced at the Albert Street and Charlotte Street intersection, and the Albert Street and Mary Street intersection on Tuesday 27 November 2018.

Council will install highly visible signage at both intersections to advise pedestrians of the scramble crossings.

Scramble crossings allow pedestrians to cross the intersection in all directions at one time. They also help to improve safety by removing conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians. The revised traffic signal sequencing will mean vehicles cannot turn across the travel path of pedestrians on a green signal.

Next steps

The feedback provided throughout the Move Safe Brisbane consultation phase is being used to identify and prioritise further pedestrian safety projects across Brisbane, alongside input from the Queensland Police Service’s crash data. Feedback on cyclist safety is being considered in the prioritisation and development of projects in Council’s Better Bikeways 4 Brisbane program.

Council’s project team is reviewing and evaluating all feedback provided during the consultation phase and will report on key outcomes by late 2018.

More information

For more information on Council’s Pedestrian Safety Review or to provide further feedback on the Move Safe Brisbane consultation, email the project team

15 November 2018