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Streets of Remembrance

Brisbane City Council is proud to commemorate the spirit of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) through the Streets of Remembrance project.

Since launching this unique project in 2015 as part of the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, Council has placed the Australian Defence Force Rising Sun badge and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) badge on streets which share the same names as people, places or events of historical significance to the ANZAC campaign from 1915.

To date, 677 signs recognising 133 street names at 202 locations across Brisbane have received special commemorative badges based on links to World War One Australian forces.

Council, in consultation with local communities and historians, will continue to honour Australian forces and demonstrate Brisbane's community spirit through this important, ongoing project.

Submit your nominations

Do you have a suggestion for the next round of the Streets of Remembrance project? Submit your nomination for Brisbane streets that relate to our proud ANZAC tradition by contacting Council on 07 3403 8888 or by emailing the team

Unsuccessful nominations for this round may be considered for future rounds of the project.

Commemorated streets in Brisbane

Discover Brisbane streets in your area that have received special commemorative badges as part of the Streets of Remembrance project.

Abbeville Aeroplane Albury
Aldershot Anzac Armadale
Armentieres Arras Aubigny
Bapaume  Bath Beatham
Beaumetz Beauval Bedford 
Beltana Benalla Berrima
Birdwood Blackburn Blamey
Bohain Boorman Borella
Bovelles Burton Canberra
Cartwright Castleton Chaprowe
Combles Corbie Cresswell
Dalziel Dartnell Daw
Delville Derrer Dickebusch
Digger/s Dixon Dundonald
Dunstan Elliott Flanders
Foch French Gaba Tepe
Gager Gallipoli  Gaza
Gellibrand Geelong Gizerah
Glasgow Goble Haig
Hamel Hamilton Heilly
Heliopolis Helles Hobbs
Howell Hunter Imbros
Jackson Jeays Jellicoe
Joffre Joynt Kitchener
Leak Lemnos Lone Pine
Longueval Lonsdale Lowerson
Mactier Mametz Marathon
Margaret Marne Mashobra
McCullough Menin Messines Ridge
Monash Mons Murray
Nieppe Orontes Orsova
Orvieto Osterley Passchendaele
Peronne Plumer Pozieres
Rabaul Rochat Romani
Rouen Runic Sadlier
Salonica Selvage Solomon
Somme Stones Storkey
Suez Suffolk Suvla
Symons Tel-el-Kebir Towner
Turton Vaux Verdun
Wandilla Warilda Waterlot
White Wiltshire Woff
Young Zeitoun Zonnebeke


Further information

To read more about the significant events of World War One, visit the following links:

To provide your feedback on this important project, contact Council on 07 3403 8888 or by email.

09 November 2018