Tunnel safety | Brisbane City Council

Tunnel safety

Brisbane City Council has devised three simple actions drivers can take to ensure their journey through CLEM7 is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Listen to your car radio

Your car radio allows tunnel staff to broadcast important information about delays or obstacles ahead. Also, in the case of a breakdown, tunnel staff will be able to use your radio frequency to provide guidance.

Turn on your lights

Turning on your headlights when you enter tunnels increases visibility, as well as driver safety.

Stay in your lane

Avoid changing lanes when you’re in tunnels, as it may hinder other drivers and cause potential collisions. If you do have to change lanes, ensure you indicate with plenty of time and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

In addition to these three key actions, drivers should exercise the same behaviours and level of awareness as they would when driving in normal conditions.

More information

You can find more simple tips for driving safely in the CLEM7, including what to do:

  • if your vehicle breaks down
  • when there is a traffic incident or emergency in the tunnel
  • by visiting the CLEM7 website.

For more information on CLEM7 tolls:

  • visit the Linkt website to pay your toll
  • phone Linkt on 13 33 31 between 7am and 7pm
05 June 2018