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Walking and cycling

""The Eleanor Schonell Bridge is a bus, pedestrian and cycle route between Dutton Park and The University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia campus.

You can walk or cycle over the bridge. There is:

  • a pedestrian and equitable access drop-off area at the Dutton Park Kiss and Ride on TJ Doyle Memorial Park Drive
  • a cycle path along the southern side of the bridge
  • a pedestrian pathway through Dutton Park leading to the covered walkway across the northern side of the bridge
  • connections to pathways at The University of Queensland (UQ) from the UQ Lakes Bus Station 

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Access from Dutton Park


There are a number of drop-off points where pedestrians can access the bridge:

  • within Dutton Park
  • Gladstone Road outbound adjacent to Gair Park
  • Annerley Road inbound at the top of Dutton Park, close to the cemetery.

There are three pedestrian access paths to the main drop-off area on TJ Doyle Memorial Park Drive:

  • from the intersection of Gladstone and Annerley roads pedestrians can access the pathway by the scenic walkway through the park
  • the equitable access pathway which continues down a gentler slope leading into the drop-off area
  • pedestrians coming from Brisbane Corso can use the shared pathway along TJ Doyle Memorial Park Drive.

The Kiss and Ride at Dutton Park provides disabled parking and an area for passing vehicles to drop off pedestrians. The solar canopy at the Kiss and Ride provides a rest area and drinking fountains.

From the Kiss and Ride, pedestrians are able to walk along the covered northern side of the bridge and into UQ.

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Cyclists use the dedicated cycle lane on the southern side of the bridge.

Cycle lanes have been added to the Annerley and Gladstone Road intersection.

Cyclists travelling outbound along Annerley Road follow the new bus lane entry, along a dedicated cycle path, over the intersection and onto the dedicated cycle track.

Cyclists approaching the parklands along both Annerley Road inbound and Gladstone Road will also enter the new cycleway at this point. At the intersection there are bicycle crossing signals and stand up poles.

Approaching from Brisbane Corso, cyclists follow TJ Doyle Memorial Park Drive to access an underpass cycle ramp that will take them up onto the bridge on the southern side.

Access from the University of Queensland (UQ)

From the university side of the river there is access via the existing pathways in the main campus area.

Cyclists enter the university onto a cycle lane that takes them on to Sir William MacGregor Drive, or onto the new cycle path leading into Thynne Road.

Pedestrians are able to cross the busway and wait at the bus platform or continue on through the campus via the various pathways available.

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30 August 2018