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Go Between Bridge history

""The Go Between Bridge (formerly Hale Street Link) opened to traffic on 5 July 2010 and provides a link between Brisbane's northern, western and southern suburbs.

The Go Between Bridge:

  • improves cross river accessibility
  • reduces congestion
  • opens up extra networks for pedestrians and cyclists
  • provides additional relief in the event of an accident elsewhere in the city
  • caters for future population growth in West End and South Brisbane

This project is a key part of former Lord Mayor Campbell Newman’s multi-billion dollar TransApex plan that will provide a long-term solution to improving cross-city travel and reduce traffic congestion in Brisbane.

Hale Street Link renamed

Go Between is the result of 5800 responses from a community vote in August and September 2009.

Go Between was short-listed as it reflects the purpose of the bridge; allowing motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to easily go between some of Brisbane's most popular recreational, cultural, educational and residential precincts, including:

The name is also a tribute to The Go-Betweens; an internationally influential band from Brisbane.

The bridge was officially named by founding member Robert Forster, and six other members of The Go-Betweens, at the Community Market Day on Sunday, 4 July 2010, the day before the bridge opened to traffic.

For the Go Between Bridge project document history email the project team.


Below are photos showing the construction of the Go Between Bridge, the opening celebrations and its completion.

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26 November 2015