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Using the Go Between Bridge

""Using the Go Between Bridge is easy. You have the option to drive, walk or cycle over the Go Between Bridge.

Driving over the Go Between Bridge

Driving over the Go Between Bridge is easy. Approach lanes are marked clearly to notify drivers they are in a bridge lane.

To drive over the Go Between Bridge from the:

  • north side, use the Inner City Bypass (ICB) or Hale Street in Milton or turn right off Coronation Drive
  • south side, use Montague Road or the Cordelia Street intersection in South Brisbane

Download the Go Between Bridge road map (PDF - 484kb).

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Driving over the Bridge will incur tolls and fees.

The Go Between Bridge is a fully electronic toll bridge so there are no toll booths on the bridge where you stop to pay cash. You can find the best tolling options for you on the Linkt website or by phoning 13 33 31.

If you have an existing tolling account or electronic tolling device, your trips will be registered as per usual. If you travel over the bridge using a tag, the tag must beep to tell you that the trip has been registered with the tolling system. Contact the tag provider immediately if the tag doesn't beep.

Cycling and walking

The Go Between Bridge has two 3.6 metre wide paths. One is a cycle path (bikeway) and the other is a pedestrian path. Both side also have a viewing platform mid-way across the bridge.

On the western (Toowong) side of the bridge, the cycle path links to existing cycle paths along Riverside Drive and Montague Road in South Brisbane and West End, and the Bicentennial Bikeway in Milton (the Milton section of the Bicentennial Bikeway is currently closed for upgrade works). 

Brisbane City Council encourages cyclists to use the cycle path rather than the Go Between Bridge road.

Download the Go Between Bridge cycle path map (PDF - 481kb).

The pedestrian path on the eastern (city) side of the bridge links between paths in South Brisbane and Milton. The slope of the path is accessible for all levels of mobility, with a shade canopy, lighting and ramps at each end.

Download the Go Between Bridge pedestrian map (PDF - 481kb).

The cycle and pedestrian paths travelling under the Go Between Bridge on the southern bank from Riverside Drive, provides an uninterrupted riverside link from the city to West End.

As part of the Go Between Bridge project, a 200 metre section of the Bicentennial Bikeway from the Cribb Street underpass to the Merivale Rail Bridge was upgraded. This section of the bikeway is more than five metres wide and has marked areas for both pedestrians and cyclists.

05 June 2018