Traffic management

Find out about traffic management in Brisbane, including our traffic management centre, Greater Brisbane Key Corridors Performance Report, how to apply for traffic volume counts and traffic CCTV footage and more.

Traffic alerts 

View current traffic alerts for Brisbane road on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

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Local Area Traffic Management

Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) (also known as 'traffic calming') involves installing devices such as speed platforms, roundabouts, traffic islands and kerb build-outs to improve safety, discourage non-local traffic and moderate vehicle speeds.


Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Centre

The Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Centre (BMTMC) is the transport management centre for the greater Brisbane area, servicing road users and bus passengers all day, every day. It includes the Traffic Management Centre, Network Coordination Centre and Busways Operations Centre.


Traffic Response Unit

Traffic Response Units (TRUs) are a roaming 'on road' service that provides quick clearance solutions, break-down assistance and traffic control for hazards on Brisbane’s road network.

Greater Brisbane Key Corridors Performance Report

The Greater Brisbane Key Corridors Performance Report provides information on the traffic volume and average travel speed for the Greater Brisbane key transport corridors.


Traffic volume counts

Council provides a traffic volume count service for Council-owned traffic light intersections. You can make a request for electronic intersection data for a fee.

Left Turn on Red project

Left Turn on Red facilities are located at certain intersections across Brisbane as a practical way of decreasing individual travel times, easing congestion and contributing to our vision for an accessible, connected city. 

Traffic CCTV footage

Information on Brisbane City Council's Traffic Closed Circuit Television Network (CCTV).

Audio-tactile pedestrian facilities

Audio-tactile facilities are the push-button systems at traffic signals which give pedestrians signals to show when to cross and not to cross the road.