Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Centre

The Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Centre (BMTMC) is:

  • a joint transport management centre run by Brisbane City Council and state government
  • servicing the road commuters and public transport patrons
  • located at Brisbane Square, 266 George Street, Brisbane City 

The centre provides:

  • real-time traffic management updates 
  • safe and secure busway facilities
  • timely and effective public transport continuity

The centre includes:

  • Brisbane Traffic Centre (BMTMC)
  • Busways Operations Centre (Queensland Transport, Translink)
  • Network Coordination Centre (Brisbane Transport)
  • supporting staff from both Transport and Traffic Branch (Brisbane City Council) and Metropolitan Traffic Operations (Department of Main Roads)

You will benefit from a unified approach to incident management and monitoring of the road network as a whole.

The centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can get traffic information by:


17 March 2014