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Traffic Response Unit

""Traffic Response Units (TRUs) are a roaming 'on road' service that provides quick clearance solutions, break-down assistance and traffic control for hazards on Brisbane’s road network.

They work closely with Queensland Police, Emergency Services and the Brisbane Metropolitan Transport Management Centre.

Traffic Response Officers are highly trained in incident management and are ready to attend a range of safety and congestion related incidents. They can also provide basic on-road mechanical assistance to broken down motorists.

These services are a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads and are delivered by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland.

The Traffic Response Unit:

  • responds to a hazardous incident in and around the CBD within 10 minutes
  • implements traffic diversion plans for planned or unplanned incidents or events
  • ensures the area around the incident or event is made safe
  • minimises the risk of a secondary incident
  • patrols designated routes to proactively manage traffic incidents
  • ensures the safe removal of disabled vehicles from main road ways
  • provides fuel, water and minor mechanical repairs to motorists whose cars have broken down and are blocking traffic
  • removes dangerous obstacles, such as pieces of building materials and lost cargo, from roadways
  • monitors activities that are impacting on traffic flow, including road works and construction
  • provides real time traffic intelligence and surveillance

Traffic Response Unit vehicles

There are two types of vehicles used; dual cab 4WD utilities (TRU) and dual cab trucks (TRU Max). Both vehicles:

  • are fitted with rotating lights, arrow board and an electronic variable message sign to direct motorists at traffic incidents
  • are equipped with towing and shunting systems (shunting vehicles is a fast and safe way to reduce traffic hazards and restore traffic flow promptly)
  • are capable of shunting disabled vehicles to safety from potentially dangerous locations to a nearby safe zone (in the case of TRU Max this includes vehicles up to 16 tonnes)
  • have the cab space to take four passengers
  • have carrying capacity for collecting debris and lost loads
  • can carry equipment to deal with emergencies, minor repairs and road closures safely, efficiently and with minimal risk of damage. Items include:
    • unleaded petrol, diesel, engine oil, brake fluid and water
    • first aid kit
    • fire extinguisher
    • tool kit and vehicle jack
    • traffic cones and road closure signs

How to use the service

If your car has broken down, phone the Traffic Report Line on 13 19 40 for free assistance to move your vehicle to a designated safe location.

09 January 2019