Transcription of the Lord Mayor's address to the city on coronavirus preparations

Right now, we’re facing a global health and economic crisis that is starting to play out here in Brisbane.

As a husband, a father and a son, I completely understand many of you have serious concerns about the impacts of coronavirus.

Concerns about your family, your health, your job and your family finances.

As the leader of Australia’s largest Council, I want to assure you that we are 100% focused on preparing for the impacts and challenges ahead.

In recent days, we have held critical planning meetings, across all sections of Council.

From waste collection to traffic management, to health and safety.

We are all working hard to make sure that Council’s essential services continue to be delivered, come what may.

We’re also keeping eye on the future. Planning for our recovery to ensure that our city is well positioned once this crisis is passed.

There are some important things that we can all do to make a big difference in our community.

I implore you now more than ever before is the time to buy local, because when you support a local business, you’re supporting jobs right here in Brisbane.

It’s also the time to look out for our neighbours and friends, and in particular, the elderly and the isolated.

Please heed the advice of the medical experts at Queensland Health.

There will be a number of planned events and festivals which will now no longer go ahead based on the advice of health officials.

I’ve also spoken to the Prime Minister in recent days and I echo his words.

2020 will be a defining moment for our country. It will also be a defining moment for our city.

We will make it through this together. Our city has faced major challenges like this before. 

Challenges like the 2011 flood. At the time we all questioned how we would get through it, but we pulled together and we got through it.

Not only did Brisbane recover, we have gone from strength to strength as a city.  We have done it before and by working together, we will do it again.

Last updated:13 March 2020