Events listed by audience

Brisbane City Council has events and activities for all ages. To make it easy, we've sorted our events and activities into audience groups - kids, families, young people and seniors.


Council runs a variety of events and activities for children of all ages. This includes infants and toddlers and kids up to 12 years of age. See events ideal for infants and toddlers (0-4 years old), preschool kids (4-6 years old) and kids (6-12 years old).


Council offers a wide variety of events and activities for seniors in our parks, libraries and other venues. The 50 Plus Centre at Brisbane City Hall hosts events for residents in South East Queensland over 50 years of age, pensioners and benefit receivers (excluding unemployment benefits).

""Young people

Council has a range of events and activities for young people all over Brisbane, including events at parks and libraries, as well as our fabulous Chillout program in the school holidays. We also have Visible Ink - a dedicated space for young people in Fortitude Valley. Check out what's on for teenagers (13-18 years) and young adults (18-24 years).

""Family events

Find fun things for families to do in Brisbane. Take in a show at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium or go to a free movie in the park. There are also concerts, music, shows, festivals and lots more for the whole family to enjoy.


Council and Brisbane Marketing run workshops and forums for businesses. Find out more.