Where to park

Brisbane has a lot of parking rules and regulations in place to help keep traffic moving. These rules also ensure that suburbs that have high volumes of traffic have enough street parking for residents to use. Find out about resident parking permit areas, parking around public facilities and other parking zones and locations. You can also find out about parking in the Brisbane CBD and parking for sporting and special events.


Parking permit areas

Some areas of Brisbane have been marked as a residential parking permit area. These areas are mainly located around hospitals, universities and sports stadiums or venues.

Parking zones

There are many parking and traffic zones used throughout Brisbane. Understanding these zones will help you navigate and park on busy Brisbane streets and avoid fines.

Parking around universities

Some university campuses are located in traffic areas. This is to assist residents in accessing on-street parking in these surrounding areas.

School parking

Traffic signs and lines around schools are in place to ensure pedestrian safety and safe traffic flow.

Parking around hospitals

Parking around hospitals is regulated to ensure street parking is available for the residents of these areas.

Disability parking

Find out about the Australian Disability Parking Scheme.