If you have a problem, issue or concern about the services, decisions or actions of Brisbane City Council, we would like to hear about it.

Complaints management policy

Council has a complaints management policy to ensure we deal with all complaints in a fair and efficient manner. Your comments provide us with valuable feedback to allow for continuous customer service improvement.

    If you require further information about the complaint management process, download the:

    How to make a complaint

    You can lodge most maintenance complaints, such as damaged footpaths and roads, online. For other complaints:

    How Council investigates your complaint

    Council will direct your concern to the business area best able to deal with it. The business area will investigate the issue and responds directly to you.

    A Council officer may contact you to discuss your concerns or to ask for further information.

    In some cases, an independent Council officer may review your complaint if other avenues of investigation have been exhausted.

    How long it will take

    Council does its best to resolve your complaint within 14-45 days. This depends on the nature and complexity of your complaint.

    You should be aware that by lodging a complaint, the matter is not automatically suspended or put on hold.

    Further action

    If not satisfied with the outcome, you have the right to take your complaint to an external agency, such as the Queensland Ombudsman or Judicial Review.

    Last updated:23 July 2019