Your City Your Say

Your City Your Say is Council's free community consultation program that allows you to have a say on things that affect your community. By signing up to Your City Your Say, you can expect to receive regular updates about Council projects and programs, including invitations to have your say via surveys, workshops or discussion forums – both online and face-to-face.

Have your say

Bradbury Park improvement project

Have your say on the draft concept plan to help shape the look and feel of the proposed facilities for this park. Closes 16 December.

Grinstead Park, Shand Street Park (no. 100) and Corbett Street Park

Council wants your feedback on the opportunities plan for the three parks to decide which features are included in the final concept plan. Have your say by 16 December 2019.

Wembley Park upgrade

Council wants your feedback on the opportunities plan for the Wembley Park upgrade at Coorparoo by 20 December.

North west transport network

Council is developing a business case to help reduce congestion on Brisbane's north west transport network. Have your say by 11.59pm on Friday 7 February 2020.

Community consultations

Community engagement has benefits for you as a resident as well as Brisbane City Council.

It allows Council to access wider sources of information, points of view and potential solutions. It also gives residents a better understanding of the issues behind the decision making process and the related constraints or opportunities that exist.

You can provide feedback direct to Council on the following:

  • what’s important to you 
  • how you feel about the big issues facing Brisbane 
  • your thoughts on growth and change occurring in your neighbourhood and across the city 
  • how you feel about specific plans and projects that Council has in mind 
  • the services that you want in your community 
  • how Council’s existing programs and services are doing, and where Council can improve.
Last updated:10 December 2019