Planning and design services

City Projects Office design projects for Brisbane City Council. Our experts have technical skills in:

  • built and natural environment
  • engineering.

Built environment

Built environment functions include:

  • architecture: architecture, interior design and visualisation services
  • building services engineering: mechanical, electrical, security, hydraulic and fire engineering
  • landscape architecture: landscape architecture, urban design, open space planning
  • flood management: hydrologic and hydraulic engineering, hydrometric network management
  • water management: stormwater management, environmental, coastal and catchment engineering, hydrogeology, water quality monitoring and assessment
  • planning and environment: urban and town planning, environmental management and approvals, ecological services.


Engineering functions include:

  • ground (geotechnical) engineering
  • road design: road corridors, intersections and bikeways
  • road electrical design: traffic signal, ITS and road lighting
  • drainage design: stormwater and water design
  • geographical data services: survey (engineering and cadastral) and GIS
  • pavement engineering
  • laboratory services: soils, concrete and pavement
  • contaminated land services: closed landfill and contaminated land remediation
  • structural engineering.
Last updated: 22 April 2019