Products and Services of Field Services

Field Services delivers a broad range of products and services including civil construction, quarry products, asphalt manufacture and laying, waste management and delivery of park maintenance and city cleaning activities.

Read about the products and services provided by the following Field Services branches:

Asphalt and Aggregates

Asphalt and Aggregates oversees the management of Council's quarries and road surfacing operations, including the laying and repair of asphalt pavements, minor pothole repairs and road line marking. The branch consists of three core business units:

  1. Quarry Operations
    • Bracalba Quarry
    • Mt Coot-tha Quarry
      • Both the Bracalba and Mt Coot-tha quarries provide significant tonnage of asphalt products to Council and the commercial market. Bracalba Quarry is dedicated to civil construction materials.
      • Mt Coot-tha Quarry supplies asphalt products to support Council's asphalt production and road surfacing programs.
    • Pine Mountain
      • The Pine Mountain Recycling site is a former quarry that is currently being rehabilitated. Pine Mountain recycles all of the asphalt removed during road resurracing for reuse in fresh asphalt production. Any products that are unsuitable for reuse are used as landfill to rehabilitate the site.
  2. Asphalt Production
    • Eagle Farm Asphalt Plant
      • Address: 260 Curtin Avenue West, Eagle Farm
      • Phone : 07 3403 1001
    • Riverview Asphalt Plant
      • Address: 79 Riverview Road, Riverview
      • Phone: 07 3437 3000
    • Asphalt Transport
    • Asphalt and Aggregates Laboratories
      • The asphalt plants, transport and laboratories are dedicated to producing, delivering and testing a full range of asphalt mixes to internal and external customers. Council's state-of-the-art asphalt plants lead the industry in asphalt technology and the use of recycled asphalt in fresh asphalt production.
  3. Road Surfacing


Construction delivers a range of specialist services in the areas of civil infrastructure, water and waste water solutions, transport network technologies, and stormwater drainage.

Construction services include:

  • construction and maintenance of kerb and channel, footpaths, roads, bikeways, bridges, drains, piers and sea walls
  • rehabilitation of waterways
  • installation and maintenance of traffic signals and intelligent transport systems including CCTV, Variable Message Signs, and fibre optic cabling and data network to support the traffic signals and ITS devices throughout Brisbane
  • installation and maintenance of street lighting and bike path lighting
  • maintenance of communication equipment
  • maintenance of Council owned facilities
  • remediation and maintenance of closed landfill sites
  • provision of Traffic Control services to Field Services 
  • parking meter maintenance and coin collection
  • supporting the branch in delivering planning, estimating and technical support and delivering projects via contracted arrangements.

Urban Amenity

Urban Amenity is responsible for keeping Brisbane’s streets and public spaces clean, green and safe for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

With a workforce of approximately 530 staff located across Brisbane, Urban Amenity is made up of seven business units delivering a range of services including:

  • cleaning urban precincts and streets
  • maintaining the cleanliness of the CBD, King George Square Precinct and Valley Malls
  • routine and reactive street sweeping
  • delivering arboriculture, natural area and horticultural services
  • pest, vermin and weed eradication 
  • graffiti removal
  • major event management services (including road closures/sign changes)
  • contract management of services undertaken by external providers
  • installation and management of road and project signage
  • Disaster response activities.

Commercial Services and Business Improvement

Commercial Services and Business Improvement provides business support for Field Services, including:

  • commercial management 
  • business improvement
  • systems support
  • procurement and contract management
  • strategic risk, workplace health and safety, insurance and environmental compliance.

Asset Services

Asset Services coordinates the maintenance and upgrades to a range of Council’s assets that are delivered by Field Services branches and external contractors.

Asset Services provides information to the general public and responds directly to community and councillor requests for information, advice and services relating to roads, structures, drains, parks and natural areas, as well as park and street trees.

Other activities managed by Asset Services include:

  • Council’s Ward Footpath and Parks Trust fund in consultation with ward councillors
  • Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, the Creek Catchments, Habitat Brisbane and Wildlife Conservation Partnership Programs as well as Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre, Downfall Creek Bushland Centre and Karawatha Discovery Centre
  • fire management on Council’s estate including managing controlled burn programs, maintenance of fire breaks and access tracks and wildfire management
  • providing asset management of Council's structural assets - bridges (road, pedestrian, bicycle), culverts, pontoons, jetties, boardwalks, boat ramps, retaining walls, sea and river walls including developing and managing the forward programs for rehabilitation, renewal and maintenance for all assets
  • providing facility management on Council owned or managed buildings.

Fleet Solutions

Fleet Solutions maintains services and repairs approximately 4500 Council assets. Council's fleet ranges from chainsaws and lawn mowers to passenger and light commercial vehicles, Mack trucks, rollers, street sweepers and multi-million dollar road paving machines.

Fleet Solutions is also responsible for providing truck and plant hire services for all of Council. 

Waste and Resource Recovery Services

Waste and Resource Recovery Services manages the delivery of waste related services, contracts and alliances for bin collection, waste disposal, kerbside large items collection and also manages waste related assets including landfills and transfer stations.

This branch also encourages residents and businesses to adopt waste minimisation practices (including recycling) through a range of education and community engagement activities.

Key waste minimisation initiatives introduced by Council include:

  • four resource recovery centres
  • green waste recycling bins
  • larger recycling bins for residents
  • business recycling
  • Brisbane Tip Shop at Acacia Ridge and Geebung
  • free composting and worm farming workshops
  • litter prevention programs and initiatives.

Find out more information on Council’s waste collection and recycling.

Last updated: 8 June 2021