Better Brisbane Index 2019

The Better Brisbane Index measures residents’ perceptions of the quality of life in Brisbane, both now and in the future.

The specific objective of the study is to:

  • understand how Brisbane residents currently feel about the quality of life in Brisbane
  • understand how they think the quality of life may change in future
  • benchmark community sentiment and concerns against other capital cities in Australia.

Study highlights

  • 93% of Brisbane residents reported a positive quality-of-life rating
  • 90% of Brisbane residents would recommend Brisbane as a great place to live
  • 92% agree that Brisbane is a good place to raise a family

Better Brisbane Index results

The study included 2402 online interviews with the target population including:

  • a representative sample of Brisbane residents aged 18 years and over; and
  • a representative sample of residents of interstate capital cities - Sydney, Melbourne and Perth - and surrounding Queensland local government areas, outer South East Queensland and neighbouring South East Queensland.

Quality of life

Brisbane residents are significantly more positive about their current quality of life than those living in surrounding SEQ regions and Sydney. Brisbane residents are also more likely than Melbourne and Sydney residents to believe their city is a better place to live and work than it was five years ago.

Brisbane Better Index - Current quality of life

Civic pride

Brisbane residents have a strong sense of civic pride, with nine out of 10 likely to recommend the city as a great place to live and three quarters preferring to live here than any other Australian city. Melbourne and Perth residents have a similar level of civic pride, whereas those in Sydney and other SEQ regions are less likely to feel as positive about where they live.

Standard of living

Brisbane residents are more likely to think their city has a good standard of living than residents in other cities and SEQ regions. Residents in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Outer SEQ are significantly less likely than Brisbane residents to think their city has a reasonable cost of living.

Raising a family

The vast majority of Brisbane residents agree that their city is a good place to raise a family. Residents in other cities and SEQ regions, particularly Sydney, are less positive about the place they live being good to raise a family.

Leisure and commuting

Brisbane residents’ perceptions about getting around for leisure and commuting to work are similar to those of Sydney and Melbourne residents.

Last updated:2 October 2019