This is Brisbetter

Brisbane just keeps getting better. With Brisbane Metro now underway, the Better Suburbs Plan bringing vibrancy to our suburbs, new green bridges, better flowing roads and a new Victoria Park with something for everybody, this is how we're making Brisbetter.

Plus, there’s free off peak travel for seniors, more rate cuts for Brisbane, a brand new double-decker CityCat and new business initiatives including fee cuts in small business fees.

Better roads for Brisbane

There's $500 million for better flowing roads, and solutions to get you moving.

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Victoria Park

Victoria Park's changing into a massive public parkland, with something for everybody.

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Better Suburbs Plan

The Better Suburbs Plan is bringing more vibrancy to our suburbs, so you can do more of what you love in your area.

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Brisbane Metro

The Brisbane Metro is now underway. And it will run every three minutes in peak times.

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Seniors travel for free

Free off-peak travel on buses, CityCats and ferries, for Brisbane's most 'mature' go card users is now available.

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New green bridges

We're getting new green bridges across Brisbane, taking cars off the road and getting you moving.

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More rate cuts for Brisbane

First home owners now get 50% off their rates for 12 months, pensioners can get up to 40% off, and there's also remissions for owner occupiers and not-for-profit organisations.

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Double-decker CityCat

There's no better way to see Brisbane than the top deck of the new double-decker CityCat.


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Small business support

New business initiatives, including cuts in small business fees are revitalising our suburbs with cafes, food trucks, start-ups and more.

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Last updated:13 June 2020