Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors' Forum


An initiative of Brisbane City Council, the Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) and Mayors' Forum drives economic growth for Brisbane, South East Queensland, Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. Held biennially, the host city alternates between Brisbane and bidding international cities.

The APCS has become one of the region's premier business and civic forums, providing a platform for governments and businesses to identify a common agenda, improve city governance and promote trade and investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.


The 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2019APCS) and Mayors’ Forum will return to Brisbane from 7-10 July 2019.

Under the leading theme of Driving Cities through Business and Innovation, the 2019APCS will transform our city into a global meeting place for key decision-makers and influencers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Delegates will hear from world-class keynote speakers, contribute towards regional policy making, engage in tailored business programs and be part of driving the Asia Pacific regional dialogue.

The Summit will host curated sessions generating meaningful and insightful conversations in line with each of the following program sub-themes: 

  • Innovation of cities - Empowering cities, residents and business through innovation and technology
  • Mobility of cities - Moving and connecting people within cities
  • Liveability of cities - Achieving vibrant, diverse and inclusive cities
  • Sustainability of cities - Driving resilient and healthy cities.

The 2019APCS is expected to attract more than 1000 delegates representing 100 cities over four days including Mayors, business leaders, young professionals, leading academics and industry professionals.

The Summit’s dedicated business program, Meet@APCS will enable partners, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates to connect with each other, to strengthen their global trade and investment links and drive commercial opportunities.

There are impressive opportunities to speak, partner and sponsor, exhibit in the 2019APCS Market Square and Innovation Alley, and even host the next APCS and Mayors’ Forum in 2021.

Another esteemed feature of the APCS is the Young Professionals’ Forum (YPs@APCS). YPs@APCS is an exclusive program to connect leading young minds with city and business leaders to share and discuss ideas.

Registrations for the 2019APCS are now open. To register or to subscribe to the 2019APCS newsletter, visit the 2019APCS website.

Join us in Brisbane for the 2019APCS and experience Australia’s New World City and the home of the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors’ Forum. 

History of the APCS

Founded in 1996, this biennial and international Summit is an integral part of Council’s economic development agenda for the city to foster international networks and forge new business relations throughout the region. Council is the Secretariat of the APCS.

Previous summits


The 2017 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2017APCS) and Mayors’ Forum was held in Brisbane’s sister city Daejeon, Republic of Korea on 10-13 September 2017. The leading theme for 2017APCS was Shaping the Future of the Asia Pacific.

2400 delegates from 125 cities across the Asia Pacific region and beyond attended the Summit. Keynote speakers included Ms Cherie Blair, Founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Mr Jared Cohen, President of Jigsaw and Dr Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute.

To see the highlights of the 2017APCS and attendee testimonials, visit the 2019APCS website


The 2015 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2015APCS) and Mayors' Forum was held in Brisbane on 5-8 July 2015. The leading theme for 2015APCS was Business and Leadership in the Asia Pacific.

1303 delegates from 135 cities across the Asia Pacific region and beyond attended the Summit, including 93 Mayors representing a global community of more than 134 million people. This presented a unique opportunity for businesses interested in establishing or expanding their footprint in the Asia Pacific region to engage with their international counterparts.

More information

For all enquiries relating to the 2019APCS and Mayors’ Forum, please contact the APCS Secretariat in Brisbane:

Alternatively, you can visit the 2019APCS website.

Last updated:25 October 2019