Brisbane Community Profiles

Current population - LGA 1,231,605; GB 2,462,637
Population growth - LGA 1.8%; GB 2.0%
Labour force - LGA 704,584; GB 1,335,582
Unemployment rate - LGA 5.5%; GB 6.2%
Number of businesses - LGA 127,895; GB 205,747

LGA refers to the Brisbane City Council Local Government area
GB refers to the Australian Bureau of Statistics defined Greater Capital City Statistical Area for Brisbane

About Brisbane Community Profiles

Brisbane Community Profiles makes it easy to find and analyse data. As a business, you can understand your market. As a resident, you can research different locations in Greater Brisbane and Brisbane City Council areas.

Using the latest demographic, social and economic data, you can generate profiles about:

  • the people who live in an area (resident profile)
  • workers and businesses operating in an area (workforce profile)
  • how an area has changed over time (time series profile).

You can also compare data from two different areas.

Data is sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Commonwealth and Queensland Governments.

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Last updated:6 June 2019