Open Data

Brisbane City Council releases Open Data to the public free of charge. Council encourages the development of apps, websites, and tools that both benefit Brisbane residents and help Council work towards its vision of Brisbane as an accessible, connected city.  

Datastore website

Through the Brisbane Datastore website, Council joins governments across the world that are opening up their data and providing it in formats suitable for developers to create applications. As the developers retain complete ownership of their intellectual property, they are free to use Council data for commercial applications as they please. 

Council has currently released 130 datasets, containing data from sets such as bikeway locations, CityCat timetables, assets, parks, public transport, waste and recycling, spatial data, events, community trends, popular books, approved tenders, traffic, parking and more.

All data is released under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license, meaning that anyone is free to distribute, remix and build upon as long as Brisbane City Council is credited as the provider of the data. This enables developers to potentially commercialise their products.

Customised census profiles

You can also access information about Brisbane wards and suburbs to find out about the people who live in an area, the workers and business that operate in the area or how the area has changed over time. This information is available via the online Community Profiles tool.

Last updated:7 May 2019