Social enterprise opportunities

Brisbane City Council is committed to supporting emerging and established social enterprises and community organisations. 

Council regularly invites these organisations to tender for goods and services, providing the opportunity to work with Council.

Past tender opportunities include grass cutting, cleaning, plant supply, catering, animal welfare and design services.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that operates to address social problems, improve communities, or help the environment. A social enterprise generates most or all of their income from trade (not grants or donations) and can be categorised under one or more of the below models:

  • provide employment and training for marginalised groups
  • provide products and services in a direct response to a community or environmental need (something not met by the market)
  • an ethical for-profit business, with a significant proportion of profits redistributed for a social impact.

Social procurement objectives

Social procurement involves delivering positive social outcomes through the goods and services purchased by Council.

Council is committed to fostering the development of social enterprises to grow into competitive suppliers, contributing to the development of local business and industry.

Council's current social procurement objectives include:

  • procuring $4 million in services directly from social enterprises
  • increasing the number of social enterprises delivering services to Council and the breadth of services being provided
  • working with Council suppliers to deliver enhanced social outcomes for residents.

Responding to social enterprise tenders

When responding to a tender, organisations are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to social outcomes. This commitment could include:

  • employment and training of people from marginalised backgrounds, in particular Indigenous, people with disabilities, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, seniors and the long term unemployed
  • organisational policies and programs
  • reinvesting profit into community causes
  • utilising the services of social enterprises and community organisations in your supply chain. 

To respond to a social enterprise tender, you will need to follow Council's standard tender process:

  1. register as a supplier on Council’s Supplier Portal (find out how to register as a supplier)
  2. download the tender documents after the registration has been processed (registration will require two working days to process)
  3. register for any available tender briefing sessions which will be advertised on Council's website and attend the tender briefing session
  4. download any Addendums issued, located on the Supplier Portal 
  5. prepare your tender response including all the requested information and supporting documentation
  6. load your tender response (preferably as a zip file) onto the Supplier Portal (ensure you submit your response well in advance of the submission deadline).

To receive notification of social procurement opportunities with Council, complete the social enterprise registration form and submit it by email to the social procurement team.

More information

For more information about social enterprise tendering opportunities:

Last updated:7 May 2019