Tips to submit a tender

  1. Read and understand the tender documents.
    (How are Council’s requirements different to the way you normally do business?)
  2. Understand your potential client.
    (How can you structure your submission and price competitively to meet Council’s needs?)
  3. Clearly identify the legal entity in your tender.
    (Council needs to understand who it is evaluating from the moment it commences its evaluation.)
  4. Ask questions.
    (If you don’t understand ask. Council’s Contract Officer will be able to help.)
  5. Sell yourself.
    (Remember to be concise, capable and competitive.)
  6. Ensure pricing is as competitive as possible.
    (If your price isn’t competitive against other tenderers, Council may not shortlist your offer for further consideration.)
  7. Proofread prior to submitting.
  8. Remember the deadline.
    Be sure to take note of the deadline and submit your tender response on time.
Last updated: 8 May 2019

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