Social Enterprise in Brisbane

Brisbane City Council is committed to the advancement of new and emerging social enterprises. These programs are in addition to existing small business initiatives, which are all part of building Australia’s most small business-friendly city.

Brisbane Social Enterprise Hub

Brisbane‘s Social Enterprise Hub, the city’s first dedicated CBD office space for the sector that channels opportunities to enhance social or environmental wellbeing, is now open at The Capital.

The Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) and social enterprise Impact Boom are currently occupying the space. QSEC are recognised for their leadership in the development of the social enterprise sector in Brisbane and Queensland and are also driving the need for a national strategy.

By offering this space, social entrepreneurs have a greater ability to grow their network, receive mentoring, develop their business concepts and ideas and consolidate their knowledge.

Social Enterprise Program

Brisbane City Council has committed $200,000 over four years to support the development of new and emerging social enterprises with the Social Enterprise program, which will run from 2016‑20.

Social enterprises are organisations that:

  • are led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit
  • trade to fulfil their mission and derive a substantial portion of their income from trade
  • reinvest most of their profit/surplus into the fulfilment of their mission.

2020 program participants

Applications are now closed for the 2020 Elevate+ Social Enterprise Accelerator Program, run by Impact Boom. The successful applicants who have secured a fully subsidised place in the 2020 program will be announced shortly.

For further information about the program, including the presenters and mentors, timing, modules and applicant responsibilities, please visit the Impact Boom website.

2019 program participants

Congratulations to the successful enterprises accepted into the 2019 Elevate+ Social Enterprise Accelerator Program delivered by Impact Boom.

List of 2019 Elevate+ Social Enterprise Accelerator Program recipients including name and description.
Enterprise name Description
Abide Abide connects students in need of low-cost housing with baby boomers who have a spare room and who could benefit from a bit of extra support and company around the house. Abide’s vision is to enhance community engagement in order to offer a better quality of life for both students and seniors.
Bee One Third One-third of our global food system depends on bee pollination. Bee One Third work with small to medium businesses to host, manage and monitor the health of beehives situated on rooftops as well as through suburban neighbourhoods, to increase local bee populations.
Cost Price Cafe At Cost Price Cafe there are no profits. By operating with a unique model, Cost Price Cafe's delicious goodies are as inclusive and accessible as possible, for everyone.
Eco Games Eco Games create video games to educate, inspire and fund the conservation of natural ecosystems.
Ecoweeders Ecoweeders offer a safe, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective weed management service to residents, landowners, estate managers and Bushcare community groups in Brisbane.
Mantua Sewing Studio Mantua Sewing Studio is a social enterprise bringing to life ethical, Australian-based sewing manufacturing.

Through the under-utilised, but highly skilled sewing expertise of women from refugee and migrant backgrounds, Mantua provides Australian labels with a quality, affordable end-to-end design and manufacturing service, that is not only good for the environment but good for their local community.
Motley Bunch Motley Bunch aims to improve well-being and bring joy through the gesture of giving flowers. Using flowers that would otherwise be discarded, Motley Bunch re-arranges the flowers and distributes bouquets throughout the community to people experiencing disadvantage.
Mumma Got Skills Mumma Got Skills addresses perinatal anxiety and depression by providing artistic workshops for new mothers. In addition to paid workshops, Mumma Got Skills contributes a percentage of each ticket sold towards providing free workshops for mothers in need.
Myoni Three friends from university created Myoni. Free from bleaches, BPA plastic, latex and other nasties; Myoni Menstrual Cup is Australian made and owned. One cup replaces hundreds of disposables, saving time, money and waste. Myoni strives to contribute positively to our planet and give back to the broader community.
Nature Freedom Nature Freedom is an organisation for young adults between 18 and 35 with disabilities and mental health challenges. They create employment and training opportunities for working in the bush and provide social inclusion for their adventure programs, involving young adults from all walks of life.
Navisafe Navigation for the visually impaired presents a unique challenge, which requires specialised infrastructure and techniques, allowing users to safely and independently arrive at their destination.

Currently, the visually impaired are not accommodated for in natural environments. Navisafe is integrating technology into the environments previously thought to be inaccessible to our disadvantaged communities.
Shenovi Shenovi helps migrants feel at home, by promoting welfare and opportunities. Shenovi empowers migrants through easily accessible local knowledge and advice online. 
Smart Soil Smart Soil develops IoT in-field data collection system with predictive software that takes the data about soil nutritional profile, combines it with information about microclimate, and turns it into a decision-making tool for small-scale organic farmers.  This tool will help them be fully aware of the state their soil is in, which is the single most important driver in increasing farm productivity. This is a world first solution for organic farmers that will help them better compete with larger, industrial practices.
Vessel Nundah Vessel Nundah reduces single-use plastics, (and the associated problems of land and sea pollution), through an affordable, BYO container shop for quality, locally made skincare and cleaning products.
Vivre Co Vivre Co provides education to girls from developing communities and empowers them to fulfil their potential.

Vivre Co provides eyelash beauty services to the Brisbane community to help women 'Feel Beautiful, Do Good'. Each service helps fund the education of girls living in poverty in Africa, providing disadvantaged girls equal access to a learning environment, education and mentorship.

2018 program participants

List of 2018 Elevate+ Social Enterprise Accelerator Program recipients inlcuding name and description.
Enterprise name Description
Bertonni Timeless, locally made products providing employment and training to people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
Brisbane Tool Library Increasing sustainability, reducing consumption & waste. Building a local economy based on a real sharing economy. Employing disadvantaged people and creating social stability.
Chatfor10 Connecting refugees to volunteers for fun and convenient language practice.
Enrich'd Creative Training, mentoring and employment pathways for young women from culturally diverse backgrounds.
Five Mile Radius Design studio for locally sourced construction materials. Fostering a culture where people build with what they've got.
Hemia Optics Treating post stroke brain conditions in home with health technology.
Lána Shared economy marketplace; a sustainable system for fashion consumption.
Mammojo Reducing the disparity of global maternal and infant mortality rates through the sale of high quality, breastfeeding friendly activewear.
MyMedHealth Patients driving their own health.
Social Good Outpost Creative design for changemakers.
Sound Off for Schools Mindfulness education for schools.
The Unknown Project Refugee engagement and education for young people.
Welcome 360 Immersive 360 video training for new migrants to Australia.
Yaku Latin Goods Weaving cultural bridges between Latin America & Australia, while supporting social projects such as those which tackle chronic child malnutrition.

2017 program participants

List of 2017 Elevate+ Social Enterprise Accelerator Program recipients inlcuding name and description.
Enterprise name Description
Good Confectionary Co Development of a range of chocolate products to promote mental health awareness and encourage mental wellness and how to maintain a healthy mind.
RACERice Food products to promote healthy snacks among children training for sports, in addition to a swimwear range. A percentage of profits go towards funding swimming lessons for children in developing countries.
Makira Gold Working with cacao farmers in the Solomon Islands to make high quality, organic cacao and then import this cacao into Brisbane for craft chocolate makers and the cacao superfoods market. This project will offer farmers a better price and help them to reach a premium market.
End Gamers The focus of End Gamers is moving from lots of conversation around gender equity and equality to best practise activities that can be specifically supported to affect change. It is a digital platform that will utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Membank Development of an application that will allow the creation of personalised life story playlists, using music, pictures and stories, to be played to people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Family and friends will be able to connect with the user on favourite memories regardless of distance and severity of illness.
Australian Refugee and Migrant Care Services (ARM Care) ARM Care provides holistic services to refugee and migrant communities who are largely under represented and lack basic care and support. It plays an intermediary role between migrants and the medical health services industry.
Globofit Globofit is a social platform and marketplace that will enable users to communicate better with professionals and businesses and to own/manage their own personal fitness, health and medical data in a single platform.
WantokApp WantokApp are a tech start-up focused on building an ecommerce marketplace and broader communication platform for the Pacific Islands, initially directed towards Papua New Guinea (PNG).

More information

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