2022 International Internship Program

Council is committed to rebuilding Brisbane's economy by creating and expanding opportunities for Brisbane's businesses and talented students.

Participating businesses will have the opportunity to access Brisbane's tertiary student talent pool and leverage their knowledge, cultural understanding and language skills to grow their business in both domestic and international markets.

Participating students will have an exclusive opportunity to gain four weeks of degree related, paid work experience with local businesses aspiring to explore new opportunities.

About the program

Brisbane-based businesses can express their interest to host an intern for up to four weeks with Council subsidising 50% of the wage cost for the business. Additionally, Council identifies and matches the best professional applicant to the Brisbane business for no additional charge. The program will also support professional development and enhances future employment prospects for Brisbane’s domestic students with multicultural backgrounds and international students from our Sister Cities studying in Brisbane.

Host businesses may be from a range of sectors including, but not limited to, aviation, digital and technology, education and training, health and aged care, media, professional services, tourism and hospitality, and trade and investment development. Students will be selected from a variety of education disciplines and matched with the most relevant employer to suit their skillset.

Host business expression of interest and student applications have now closed. The upcoming placements are expected to take place from 4-29 April 2022. 


Host business representatives 

“We were glad to have provided placement for an international student candidate with relevant skills that matched our requirements. The recruitment process was seamless and hassle-free. This is a great initiative and would recommend other organisations to consider joining in the future.” Lavender Shu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, MediaMo.

“The program allowed us to host two very capable graduates from two separate fields and representing two cultural communities. They provided us with fresh perspective on different projects. Both participants were very well-mannered, professional, and knowledgeable in their perspective fields of study. I highly recommend businesses to get involved in the program to not only provide graduates with work experience but also potentially securing an employee going forward. Lennon Lin, Director, Augustine Property.

Successful interns 

“As a student with a multi-cultural background, this internship program definitely helped me develop my employability in Australia.” Marina Kinomoto, Successful intern representing the Japanese community.

"It was a tremendous honour to represent Brisbane’s multicultural community as part of a select group of talented students. The internship program allowed me to leverage the skills that I have gained throughout my undergraduate studies to contribute towards meaningful work within my host business. The experience as well as the insight that I have gained into the professional services industry has been invaluable." Abdu Dayyaan Ebrahim-Goder, Successful intern representing the South African community.

“As a successful intern for this program, it was a good starting point I could align my education knowledge with real-world industry. I not only enhanced my expertise but also built my professional career and networks. If you are international student looking forward to an opportunity to grow, you would not want to miss this program.” Icey Huang, Successful intern representing Shenzhen.

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Last updated: 8 January 2022

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