Sister Cities Steering Committee

The Brisbane Sister Cities Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing Brisbane’s Sister City Program. The Committee is comprised of a local business person, appointed by the Lord Mayor, who represent each of the nine sister cities. Each representative acts as an enabler to business and trade opportunities and enhance relationships for Brisbane's local businesses, in a voluntary capacity. 

The current members are: 

Representing Representative/Company
Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor Councillor Adrian Schrinner
Brisbane City Council Deputy Mayor Krista Adams, Councillor for the Holland Park Ward & Chair, City Planning and Economic Development Committee
Abu Dhabi Cassian Drew, Inclusive Growth
Auckland To be determined
Kobe Ross Humphreys, Genbridge Pty Ltd
Chongqing Barbara Grieve, AXCEN Australia-China Business Development
Daejeon John Aitken, Inspiring Cities
Hyderabad Raewyn Bailey, RB Business Advisory
Kaohsiung Anthony Lin, Goodman Lawyers
Shenzhen Tony Wehl, RPQ
Semarang Sushanty Glodic
Brisbane City Council Nicole Andronicus, Director - International Relations and Multicultural Affairs
Brisbane Economic Development Agency Brett Fraser, Chief Executive Officer

More information

If you are interested in Brisbane City Council’s international relations program, contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs unit by:

  • by email 
  • phone 07 3403 8888
  • mail to: GPO Box 2287 Brisbane QLD 4001 Australia

For all media enquiries, contact Council.

Last updated: 26 February 2021