Brisbane's Sister City - Kaohsiung

Brisbane’s long-standing Sister City relationship with Kaohsiung, continues to deliver economic and social benefits to both cities. The relationship was formalised on 9 September 1997.

Since 1997, the Sister City relationship has continued to generate mutually beneficial outcomes. Kaohsiung City hosted the 2009 World Games, a multi-sport event primarily composed of sports not featured in the Olympic Games.

The business and residential communities of both cities proactively contribute to the development of the Sister City Relationship and Kaohsiung remains one of Brisbane’s most successful and valued Sister Cities.

2022 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Brisbane - Kaohsiung Sister City relationship. The two cities continue to further development and maintain the relationship with strong emphasis on economic activities. Kaohsiung hosted the 2013 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors’ Forum and a Lord Mayoral delegation from Brisbane attended the event in Kaohsiung.

The agreement aims to foster relationships in the areas of:

  • trade, investment and business development
  • urban renewal and harbour and waterfront development
  • health and education training
  • tourism and creative industries
  • culture and personnel exchange
  • social and cultural links.

On this page you can find general information about Kaohsiung, as well as download a key facts and opportunity sectors fact sheet.

About Kaohsiung


  • is Taiwan’s second largest city, a beautiful and modern metropolis located in southern part of Taiwan
  • is situated approximately 354 kilometres south of Taipei.
  • has a population of more than 2.8 million and has an area of 2,946 square kilometres.
  • is home to popular visitor sites including the Love River, Mt. Shou, Xiziwan Bay, Lotus Pond, Qijin, and the Old City of Zuoying.
  • is the island’s largest industrial centre and since transformed into an environmentally friendly place with the goals of green, ecology, high-tech, culture and nature.
  • has a major port through which most of Taiwan’s oil is imported and the Port of Kaohsiung, an international hub and ranked number 13 in container volume for cargo from all over the world, linking Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Europe and the America.

Kaohsiung exports:

  • metal and steel
  • petrochemical
  • oil and coal
  • machinery and ships
  • electronic components
  • information communication and audio technology
  • raw materials such as rice, sugar, bananas, pineapples, peanuts and citrus fruits.

Key facts and opportunity sectors


For more information visit the Kaohsiung website.

Last updated: 12 April 2022

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