The Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Scholarship Program and Mentoring Scheme

The Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Scholarship Program and Mentoring Scheme provides business training and mentoring opportunities for Brisbane residents from multicultural backgrounds. It includes two separate programs.

The Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Scholarship Program provides aspiring business leaders with the knowledge and skills to expand their capabilities. It includes training courses from Certificate IV through to post-graduate university courses.

The Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Mentoring Scheme is a 12-month program with monthly workshops to assist existing business owners grow their businesses. 

Since 2008, the programs have delivered over 550 scholarships and mentoring placements. In early 2021, 71 business scholarships and mentoring scheme placements were offered to residents of the Brisbane local government area.

Business mentoring scheme

The business mentoring scheme is designed to provide budding entrepreneurs of established businesses with:

  • direct and formal contact with local, experienced and credible mentors
  • understanding of the local business culture, environment, business systems and services
  • networking opportunities with the Brisbane business community
  • a supportive learning environment with like-minded business people in similar situations.

This is a 12-month program in which a pair of mentors work with a small group of mentees in monthly workshops. Mentors are also available for email and phone enquiries from their mentees throughout the year. Successful applicants also receive a one-year membership to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.

The scheme is administered by members of the Lord Mayor's Multicultural Round Table. Find out more about the mentee alumni.

Find out if you are eligible

To be considered for the scholarship program or mentoring scheme, nominees must:

  • be from a multicultural or culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) background with at least one natural parent born in a country other than Australia,
  • have Australian citizenship or hold permanent residency, and
  • personally reside in the Brisbane City Council local government area.

In addition, to apply for the mentor scheme nominees must:

  • have completed a scholarship as part of the Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Scholarships Program or
  • have been in business for at least 12 months.

To ensure as many Brisbane residents benefit from these programs as possible, those who previously received a scholarship under this program are ineligible to receive a second scholarship but may apply for the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Mentoring Scheme.

Applications are now closed and will open again in 2023.


Jaroslav Kovar, founder and director of HSEQ Toolshop Pty Ltd

"The mentoring program offered by BCC/LMMRT is a unique offering that brings together a wide range of business ideas from a group of people with an equally wide multicultural background. While Mentees are new to the business, eager for advice and guidance, mentors have been successfully in the business for number of years and understand the specifics of the AU market.  For me, it was the Mentor's insight together with other mentees mental support and group camaraderie which came as the highlight. After the 2016-2017 program, we keep in touch and are already planning to catch up again prior to this Christmas.

Highly recommend to those lucky ones who can get through the selection process."

Dr Niels Kraaier, Dutchuncle. 

"In 2016, I wanted to focus on growing my communications consultancy. I had extensive international experience in the government sector but was not sure how to go about growing the business here in Australia. I undertook the Certificate IV New Small Business Course through TAFE Queensland. The course was held over approximately three months and I attended classes twice a week. This was the most valuable business training that I have ever received. Also being a part of the program, helped me to connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs and I have been able to forge an incredible support network."

Vian Lin, Editor-in-chief, Brisbane Elite, director of Harmonie International, Harmonie Music Centre

"It is grateful to be able to have this opportunity to access so many resources and receive professional advices from my mentors. They are willing to give, teach and share their knowledge, experiences and help me and the rest of my classmates. Meeting this group on a monthly basis feels like having a spa on the top of the mountain. I'm energised, refreshed and more passionate about my business! Thank you!"

Zhen Guan, Managing Director of Broadlingual

”As a recipient of both the business scholarship and mentoring program, I am greatly indebted to the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Round Table for their vision. I would like to thank the Lord Mayor and his Multicultural Round Table for providing me with an opportunity to gain business techniques and insights. I deeply believe your investment in multicultural communities in this beautiful city will bring more benefits and prosperity to its residents.”

Last updated: 4 May 2022

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