The Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Scholarship Program and Mentoring Scheme offerings

Brisbane City Council offers the following scholarships and mentoring placements as a part of the 2021 Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Scholarship Program and Mentoring Scheme. 

Applications for the following scholarship close on 12 June:

Master of Business Administration (Leadership) – Central Queensland University (CQ University)

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is widely regarded as the degree of choice for an astute business professional’s employment portfolio. An MBA specifically focused on leadership may increase your chances of promotion.

Start-up innovator, entrepreneur, small business owner, corporate manager, organisation leader, big dreamer, side hustler; whatever the size and scope of your role in business, CQUniversity's MBA (Leadership) will give you the practical leadership and management skills to be better at it.

It's a real MBA, and also nothing like other MBAs. That's because it's structured to fit in with your schedule, not ours, and learn from start to finish. It's an MBA for those who want to use it, not necessarily talk about it.

There are two MBA (Leadership) scholarships available. Applications must be made directly through the CQ University website.

Applications for the following scholarships and mentoring placements are now closed for 2021.

Certificate IV in Small Business Management – TAFE Queensland (Southbank Campus)

Consists of four, three-hour workshops with flexible course options for day and time. The course is run through workshops and is for individuals who have been operating a business for at least 12 months. It focuses on growing finances, establishing support networks and creating marketing strategies. The course enables students to:

  • undertake small business planning
  • manage small business finances
  • design a digital action plan
  • refine/strengthen small business strategies
  • market the small business
  • address customer needs
  • develop/use emotional intelligence
  • attend five workshops covering the following topics followed by two one-on-one sessions with a mentor
  • time management for small business
  • originate and develop concepts
  • manage compliance small business.

Start Your Own Business Short Course – TAFE Queensland (South Bank Campus)

Suitable for individuals thinking of starting a small business or who have just started one. A non-accredited program that provides students with the skills necessary to take your business idea from proof to concept then to reality.

TAFE Queensland Brisbane trainers will help you learn about the process of planning, financing, marketing, online business development and the associated laws. The course also helps students to develop entrepreneurial skills and to build their business confidence.

Course outcomes include:

  • pitch deck for presentations to stakeholders
  • crowdfunding submission
  • landing page website
  • business model
  • beachhead plan horizon 1.

This course runs a set class structure with classes held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays evening from 6-9pm.

The 12 sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. Overview: Idea development and evaluation
  2. Being Entrepreneurial/Personal branding
  3. Creating existence
  4. Business Model development
  5. Value Proposition development
  6. Proof of Concept
  7. Marketing strategies for startups
  8. Gaining traction/Using Freelancers/Beachhead Strategy
  9. Finance fundamentals/Crowdsourcing
  10. Key startup budgets
  11. Online strategy (Website/social media)
  12. Pitch Deck Presentations (Entrepreneurs)

Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity – Rhodes Business School

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity course is designed to support workforce leadership diversity and management for people typically managing complex organisational activity, including promoting continuous process improvement, with full delegation authority.

It is designed for people who are currently in a management or leadership position with a business or organisation. Graduates will have the skills to use their judgement in a leadership capacity, to create an open and welcoming working environment and to help promote or maintain ongoing diversity initiatives.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: One Day Enhancement Program – Rhodes Business School

Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating high performance, thereby motivating others to do things effectively and efficiently. Emotional intelligence is a key attribute that helps leaders achieve this function.

This course:

  • explores the neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence
  • examines tools and techniques for effectively asking for, and responding to feedback
  • explores techniques for developing self and other awareness
  • examines how you can use reactive and proactive techniques to build resilience and effectively manage strong emotions
  • explores an approach for facilitating engagement discussions with staff members. 

Company Directors Course and 12 month membership – Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

This is a globally recognised director education program. It is suitable for anyone who wants to further their directorship skills and knowledge. The course is tailored to experienced directors wishing to take their performance to the next level. It also suits executives and managers who need to understand governance issues in-depth.

The Company Directors Course gives a comprehensive grounding in the roles and duties of board directors. The course includes modules on effective decision-making, the legal aspects of directorship, financial literacy, risk and strategy, as well as putting the lessons into practice.

A 12-month membership with AICD will allow you to be part of an organisation that sets the standard of governance and directorship in Australia and internationally, along with access to their network of more than 43,000 directors. It will help you take the next step in your governance journey.

Master of Business Administration (International Business)  - Federation University Australia

Federation University is offering a scholarship for a Master of Business Administration (International Business).

The course runs for two years, full-time, starting in March 2022. The scholarship covers only one year's tuition.

Study the Master of Business Administration (International Business) to become a world business leader. You’ll develop the skills and specialist knowledge to be a manager within a multitude of areas, including leadership, policy, practice and evidence-based delivery. If you are currently working in business or aspiring to a management position, this is the degree for you.

A variety of online business short courses – CQUniversity

These courses suit applicants who want to start a new business, grow a business, or hone expertise in a specific field. All courses form part of pathway to an online MBA.

The following programs are open for applications.

Contracts and Sales of Goods

In Australia and many other countries, contract law refers to the legal guidelines that regulate agreements between parties. Throughout this online short course you will learn not only about the fundaments of contract law in general, but also about the Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and how it applies to your business when conducting international business. You will also learn about means of payment and digital sales.

Digital Strategies for Business

Digital strategy is increasingly coming into focus from a business strategy perspective. This online short course is aimed at helping you understand the importance and centrality of digital strategy making to your overall business strategy.

Growth Strategies in Business Management

Business growth is the goal of most organisations to ensure profitability and sustainability in a competitive market. This online short course will outline the strategies available to business including market penetration, market growth, product growth, investment and diversification.

Leadership and Stages of Business Development

This online short course will outline the business growth cycle, also called the Sigmoid Curve or the S-curve. The stages along the S-curve are development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. You will learn about the characteristics of the organisations in each of these stages and explore what leadership means for each stage.

Management and Negotiation in a Business Setting

This online short course outlines the nature of negotiation and the skills necessary for successful and effective negotiation in a business context.

Mistakes Leaders Make

In this online short course, you will examine mistakes and failures as a critical part of contemporary leadership development; and reflect on the impact of mistakes, consequences and outcomes to leadership styles.

Public Speaking: Skills and Techniques

This online short course will examine the techniques of public speaking. Identify strategies and techniques which have been found to be useful in developing skills and capabilities in public speaking.

Export 101 Training: Building Capability and Capacity – Export Council of Australia

Export Council of Australia has always custom-developed training programs across a wide range of industry sectors and skill sets. COVID-19 impacts are wide and varied and in the Export 101 Training we take a brief look at how the local market has been affected, talking through new challenges which must be overcome in supply and sales channels.

A new focus of our Export 101 training is on ‘Capability and Capacity building’, making sure businesses have the ability to export. The course outline is as follows:

Exporting 101 – 3 hour lecture in three parts:

1. Seven Key Corporate Signposts

  • Corporate objectives
  • Budget/finance
  • Brand
  • One market in mind
  • Supply chain
  • Ethics
  • Policy setting

2. Export Fundamentals

  • Why export?
  • The benefits of growing a global business
  • Why do you want to expand overseas?
  • Disadvantages of exporting
  • The challenges you will face
  • Is going global right for your business?
  • The export cycles
  • Domestic market review

3. Review your business Capacity & Capability

  • What are your objectives?
  • Company capabilities & capacity for exporting
  • Management commitment
  • HR resources
  • Financial resources
  • Communication strategy
  • Where will your knowledge come from?
  • What are your time frames?
  • Can you scale?
  • Competitor response
  • Case studies

Non-Certificate Mentoring to Launch Your Own Fashion Line – Career Employment Australia

This Fashion Business Mentoring Program will help you start your fashion design business. You will learn tools from an industry expert from sourcing fabrics, creating templates for each stage of the process, labelling requirements and more.

The mentorship will be conducted from The Sewing Hub, West End. This mentorship is open to those who have always aspired to start their own fashion line but have been unable to due to other financial commitments and it is provided exclusively for applicants wanting to set up and manage their business from Brisbane. The content is flexible and can be tailored to suit the awarded recipient and their specific needs.

The mentorship does not include any costs incurred by hiring pattern makers, machinists or fabrics required to make any garments or samples. All operational expenses incurred are to be paid by the awarded recipient.

Non-Certificate Multicultural Round Table Mentoring Scheme

The Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Mentoring Scheme is designed to provide budding entrepreneurs of established businesses with:

  • direct and formal contact with local, experienced, and credible mentors
  • understanding of the local business culture, environment, business systems and services
  • networking opportunities with the Brisbane business community
  • a supportive learning environment with like-minded business people in similar situations.

This is a 12-month program where mentors work in pairs and deliver monthly workshops to small groups of mentees. Mentors are also available for email and phone enquiries from their mentees throughout the year. Successful applicants also receive a one-year membership to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.

The scheme is administered by members of the Lord Mayor's Multicultural Round Table.

Bachelor of Business – Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

QUT’s globally recognised, triple accredited business degrees will prepare you for diverse career opportunities both in Australia and overseas. You’ll connect with industry and be challenged with real-world projects to ensure you graduate with the knowledge and insight to be effective in your employment from day one.

Work-integrated learning is part of all courses in the QUT Business School. You'll learn by engaging with industry and community partners and undertake authentic activities that are assessed as part of your course. You'll also gain valuable experience and contacts through professional internships.

The recipient will receive financial and career-planning mentorship designed to explore their leadership goals and expand their profile and contribution within the context of a multicultural community.

Applicants for this scholarship may already be enrolled in a Bachelor of Business degree at QUT.

For more information, contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit by phone on 07 3403 8888 or via email.


Last updated: 18 May 2021