Code of Conduct for Councillors

The Code of Conduct for Councillors sets out agreed standards of behaviour for all Councillors when carrying out their official duties.

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Councillor Conduct complaints process

Anyone can complain that a councillor has breached the Code of Conduct provided they are directly affected.

All complaints about a councillor’s conduct or behaviour must be made in writing, including all evidence of the alleged breach of the code of conduct to the Chief Executive Officer, who will make an initial assessment of each complaint.

Complaints assessed by the Chief Executive Officer may be:

  • a frivolous matter or a complaint made in a provoking or vexatious manner  - the Chief Executive Officer may decide that no further action be taken in relation to the complaint
  • inappropriate conduct or misconduct - the Chief Executive Officer must refer the complaint to a Councillor Conduct Review Panel
  • corrupt conduct - the Chief Executive Officer must deal with it in accordance with the Crime and Corruption Act 2001
  • another matter - the Chief Executive Officer must deal with it in an appropriate way.

If a councillor is alleged to have breached the Code of Conduct, the alleged breach will be investigated and if substantiated penalties may be applied.

Penalties for breaches include that the relevant councillor:

  • apologise; or
  • be counselled about their conduct; or
  • participate in mediation with another person
  • financial penalty.

The City of Brisbane Act 2010 (CoBA) sets out the process to be followed if Council receives a complaint about the conduct or performance of a Councillor in carrying out their official duties. This process helps to provide transparency, accountability and good governance. It holds Councillors accountable for upholding acceptable standards of behaviour.

A Councillor Conduct Review Panel (CCRP) is convened to hear and decide complaints of alleged inappropriate conduct or misconduct by a Councillor.

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Register of Councillor Conduct Complaint Outcomes

Section 183 of the CoBA requires Council to keep a Register of Councillor Conduct Complaint Outcomes. This is kept in the Office of the Chief Executive. The public may view the part of the record that relates to outcomes of written complaints. To arrange a suitable time to view the register you can:

More information

To get a copy of the code, contact Council.

Last updated:11 December 2019