Brisbane Community Profiles

Current population
Estimated resident population as of June 2014.
Population growth
Average annual population growth 2009-2014.
Labour force
Total number of persons aged over 15 that are employed or unemployed as of December 2014.
Unemployment rate
The percentage of the labour force that was unemployed as of December 2014.
Number of businesses
Total number of businesses as recorded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Business Register for 2012-13.
LGA refers to the Brisbane City Council Local Government area
GB refers to the Australian Bureau of Statistics defined Greater Capital City Statistical Area for Brisbane

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The Brisbane Community Profiles provide detailed statistical information for Greater Brisbane and Brisbane City using information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Commonwealth and Queensland Government sources.

Profiles are generated using the latest demographic, social and economic data to gather information about the people who live in an area (Resident Profile) the workers and businesses that operate in the area (Workforce Profile) or how the area has changed over time (Time Series Profile).

Follow the steps below to generate your Brisbane community profile.


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21 December 2017