Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants

The Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant Program helped businesses and property owners upgrade their shopfronts.

Matched funding up to $5000 (excluding GST) was provided to property owners or tenants of shopfronts in suburban retail high streets to assist in bringing a fresh new look to their shop’s façade. The Program is currently closed.

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Information for previous grant recipients

Proceeding with improvement works

Once you have received your grant funds you can proceed with getting the works completed by a licensed contractor/s.

Grant recipients are responsible for obtaining any planning and/or building approval that may be required before completing improvements. For further information about planning and building requirements you can contact Council’s Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) or visit the Business Projects page

In addition, grant recipients need to ensure that any signage that is part of the shopfront improvement complies with Council’s rules for displaying advertising devices.

Acknowledging Council's support

Once the improvement works are completed, you will need to:

  • display Council’s decal in the shopfront for 12 months. The decal is 25cm in diameter and needs to be placed in a prominent position where customers can see it as they enter the shop
  • take photos of your upgraded shopfront and post on your Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages acknowledging that Council has supported the improvement through the Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant.
Graphics demonstrating the placement of the decal. Image of the decal what says "This shopfront improvement is part of Brisbane City Council's committment to local business success.".

Acquittal report

Grant recipients must complete the shopfront improvement project and submit an online acquittal form within 12 months of the grant approval notification. 

The acquittal report is required to:

  • confirm that the funding has been used for the purpose intended in the funded application
  • demonstrate that the terms of the funding agreement have been met.

As part of this online acquittal, you will need to provide:

  • detailed tax invoices and receipts (or other documentation) substantiating all expenditure incurred as part of the shopfront improvement
  • clear landscape photo/s of the whole exterior of the shopfront showing the funded improvements
  • photo/s showing Council’s decal in the shopfront
  • screenshot of dedicated social media posts on your Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages acknowledging Council’s support.

Any grant money left over after the completion of the project must be returned to Council.

Acquittals are completed online through the SmartyGrants platform. Successful grant recipients will receive an email from SmartyGrants about this.

Grant recipients with overdue acquittal reports are not eligible to apply for further Council grants.

Last updated: 29 June 2022

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