The Economic Recovery Taskforce was set up to bolster and rebuild Brisbane’s economy in the wake of coronavirus to drive Brisbane City Council’s contribution to the city’s recovery. Council's new high-powered Small Business Roundtable will transition the city's focus from economic recovery towards economic revitalisation.

The new direction will ensure Brisbane remains the most small business-friendly city in Australia. The Small Business Roundtable will identify opportunities and initiatives to help businesses grow and succeed.

The Economic Recovery Plan will continue to be a key priority. Check this page regularly for updates on our progress.

Our progress


Happening now


In progress

Read Brisbane's Economic Recovery Plan

Brisbane's Economic Recovery Plan

Brisbane’s Economic Recovery Plan details how we’re partnering with business, industry groups, community groups and residents to ensure we get the city back to its vibrant best.


What Council is doing

Council is backing Brisbane businesses by easing the financial burden on local businesses, supporting local jobs and investing in our city’s future.



Providing immediate relief and assessing the economic impact to help shape Brisbane’s long-term recovery.


Initial $7.9 million business relief package

Status: Completed

$5000 grants to sporting clubs on Council land to assist with watering fields

Status: Completed

Rates deferrals and payment plans for those experiencing hardship due to coronavirus

Status: Completed - View details


Continued Council’s buy local procurement policy

Status: Happening now

Introduced seven-day payment terms for business suppliers

Status: Completed

Initial relief for community lease and license charges

Status: Completed

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  • Commenced 'buy local' support for businesses - Completed

  • Honoured payments to organisers of events and activities that had to be cancelled - Completed

  • Temporarily turned off nearly 1000 parking meters and relaxed parking enforcement activity to assist essential workers - Completed

  • Relaxed normal operating hours for essential services - Completed

  • Established a 'one-stop-shop' for business support - Completed

  • Established the Business in Brisbane Facebook group - Completed

  • Business forums, professional development, case studies, training programs and videos - Happening now

  • Relaxed traffic control conditions for major projects - Completed

  • Refunds for bookings at Council venues - Completed

  • Adjusted service delivery in line with Queensland Government restrictions - Completed

  • Supporting community groups to establish donation programs that distribute food and digital devices to vulnerable residents - Happening now

  • Investing in data to track Brisbane’s recovery - Completed



Implementing recovery initiatives based on feedback from businesses and industry, community groups and residents.


Continued to support local businesses and the community with delivery of the new Brisbane app

Status: Completed - VIEW DETAILS

Allocating $21.7 million for projects across every Brisbane ward to boost local economic activity

Status: Completed

$4.5 million for waived rents and reimbursements for Council lessees and tenants

Status: Completed

$3 million in direct assistance for community groups on Council land



Six-month rates freeze for all ratepayers  

Status: CompleteD - View details

Continuing to waive a range of fees and charges for businesses until the end of December 2020

Status: completeD

Rates rebates for not-for-profit organisations, pensioners and JobSeeker recipients

Status: Happening now - View details

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  • Tasking the Brisbane Economic Development Agency to deliver recovery initiatives and boost local economic activity - Completed

  • New Brisbane Business Hub delivering targeted training and support for local business - Completed

  • Business summit for Brisbane businesses - Completed

  • Retail summit for local retailers - In progress

  • New building and construction services and incentives - Completed

  • Local promotional campaigns to bring customers back to our retail and entertainment precincts - Happening now

  • Expanding buy local support through BrisBetter Local - Completed

  • Encouraging Brisbane businesses to purchase their supplies locally - Completed

  • Streamline processes including reducing assessment times for licenses and permits - Happening now

  • Making permanent seven-day payment terms for small business suppliers - Completed

  • Where feasible, breaking up larger tenders into smaller parcels of work - Happening now

  • Review Council’s Better Brisbane Proposals process - Completed

  • Secure Australian and Queensland Government funding to bring forward projects and create local jobs - Completed

  • Work with local businesses, artists, venues and across governments to support Brisbane’s nighttime economy - Completed

  • Delivering and promoting city-wide arts, cultural and entertainment programs - Happening now

  • Funding and grants for events, community and environmental groups, and not-for-profits - Happening now

  • Work with festival and event organisers to determine if they can deliver a 2020-21 festival, and reallocate funding from those that cannot proceed to creative sector support programs - Completed

  • Use local artists and talent in major festivals - Happening now

  • Tourism product and experience development - Happening now

  • Attract conventions and meetings to Brisbane - Happening now

  • Work with Brisbane businesses to retain jobs in Brisbane and grow investment - Happening now

  • Business forums, workshops, professional development and case studies - Happening now

  • Provide the latest market information for business and industry - Happening now

  • Through the Brisbane Sustainability Agency, work with businesses and community groups to reduce their waste, and water and electricity costs - Happening now

  • ‘Brisbane content hub’ to provide local businesses with free Brisbane content to use in their marketing - Completed

  • Suburban Shopfront Activation pilot program - Completed

  • Support the ‘maker’ economy and local artisans - Completed

  • Youth employment support through programs such as genYOU inspire - Completed

  • Freeze car parking fees for on-street parking - Completed

  • Freeze car parking fees in Council-owned parking lots in the CBD - Completed

  • Free waste vouchers to every Brisbane household - Happening now

  • Investing in the Brisbane Holiday Dollars initiative to support Brisbane's tourism industry - Completed

  • Work with the music industry to support artists and deliver 'Winter Sessions 2021' - Happening now

  • Women in Business GrantsHappening now



Delivering sustainable growth by investing in long-term strategies and projects for our city.


Brisbane Metro

Status: In Progress - View details

Victoria Park Vision

Status: Completed - View details

Fast-tracked green bridges at Kangaroo Point and Breakfast Creek

Status: In Progress - View details


More double-decker CityCats

Status: Happening now - View details

New and upgraded ferry terminals

Status: Happening now - View details

Indooroopilly Riverwalk

Status: Completed - View details

View more initiatives

  • Large maintenance programs including road resurfacing and footpath reconstruction - Happening now

  • Tool kits for local shopping areas to attract customers - Completed

  • Local Business Partnership Initiatives - Completed

  • $9.2 million to revitalise suburban precincts - Completed

  • Creative Brisbane Creative Economy Strategy - Happening now

  • Cultural and industry support to local artists, organisations and enterprises - Happening now

  • Encourage businesses to reinvest in Brisbane to generate additional jobs - Happening now

  • Major events and new airline routes to Brisbane - Happening now

  • Assist businesses to re-shore manufacturing to Brisbane - Happening now

  • New firms, capital and retaining local jobs in Brisbane - Happening now

  • Marketing and research to grow Brisbane’s tourism sector - Happening now

  • Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 refresh - Completed

  • Future-focused Interim Economic Development Action Plan - In progress

  • City Plan amendments where required - Happening now

  • Precinct renewal strategies for key knowledge and innovation areas of Brisbane - Completed

  • Local laws review to further meet the needs of business and the community - Happening now

  • Industry development plans - Happening now

  • Education and support for the hospitality industry - Completed

  • Free one-on-one Business Liaison Officer sessions - Happening now

  • Investigate locations for new local goods, produce and farmers markets - Completed

  • International internship and Sister City programs to create export and trade opportunities - Happening now

  • Support for social enterprise development - Completed

Last updated: 18 January 2022

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