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Rubbish bins

Find out about Council's general waste and recycling services and how to order bins for new houses and get damaged bins repaired or replaced.

Compost rebate program

The program provides eligible Brisbane residents a rebate of up to $70 off their purchase of eligible composting equipment.

Free Native Plants program

Council’s Free Native Plants Program offers a range of plants to assist the community to plant and green their properties.

Resource recovery

Council has four resource recovery centres at Chandler, Ferny Grove, Nudgee and Willwong with recycling and waste facilities.

Bin collection calendar

Use our bin collection calendar to find the collection day for your address - for general household rubbish, recycling and green waste.

Waste vouchers

Council issues free waste vouchers annually to Brisbane households. These vouchers can be used at any of Council's four resource recovery centres. 


Larger recycling bin

Council has waived the $30 establishment fee when you order a larger recycling bin to replace your existing 240-litre recycling bin.

Acceptable recycling and waste

Find out what you can take to Council's resource recovery centres. Includes information on acceptable recycling items and general and green waste.

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