We’re creating a clean and green Brisbane for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Use this page to find out more about rubbish, tips and bins, Brisbane's natural environment and how to make your home and community a cleaner and greener place.

Help make a clean and green Brisbane

We've got some pretty simple ideas in regard to how we can all play our part to make sure our homes, backyards and, of course, Brisbane stay clean, green and beautiful.

Green waste recycling

We know how important it is to recycle items like cardboard, paper and hard plastics, but did you know it’s also important to recycle green waste?


Know what to recycle

Are you confused about what you can put in your recycling bin? Take a look at our recycling guide for households to learn about what to recycle at home.

Love food hate waste

We love food and we hate waste! Save yourself some money by not letting good food go to waste.

Taking on litter

Take action against litter! It's everyone's responsibility to make sure we're all doing the right thing by putting our rubbish in the bin.

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