We’re creating a clean and green Brisbane for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Use this page to find out more about rubbish, tips and bins, Brisbane's natural environment and how to make your home and community a cleaner and greener place.

Right now

Free native plants

Attract native critters into your backyard with the free Native Plants program. See what native plants attract birds, bees and other insects.

Started composting

Did you know many of your kitchen scraps can easily be composted to create rich nutrients for your garden instead of going to landfill?

Easy being clean and green

Take your eco-warrior spirit to the streets with more to see and do for Brisbane’s greenest thumbs at events happening across the city in the coming weeks.

Be a recycling boss

Easily find out what can and can't go in the recycling with our free recycling app.

Environment centres

Learn more about Brisbane's natural environment by visiting one of our environment centres.

Gardens open day

Come along to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Open Day on Sunday 26 May for ask a gardener drop in sessions, composting tips, themed walks and so much more!

Take the challenge

Take on the Six-week Food Waste Challenge with Laura Geitz and other residents to help reduce food waste, while saving time and money.

Wildlife show

Check out some of Australia's native critters and creatures at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre from 10am on Sunday 26 May.


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