Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable

Brisbane has been a leader in sustainability for over 20 years and is recognised as Australia’s most biodiverse and green capital city. This is something that Brisbane City Council and Brisbane community members have achieved for our city together.

Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable is Council’s sustainability and environmental plan, it supersedes Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031. The document directs the way we operate, celebrates our achievements and outlines our goals and aspirations.

Our clean, green and sustainable plan

Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable details Council’s approach to sustainable city development, environmental management, our clean and green goals and future aspirations for the city. This document details our approach and actions to deliver our vision of a clean, green and sustainable city now and for future generations.

Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable is structured to reflect Council’s operational approach and actions concerning environmental and sustainability matters:

A sustainable city

We act and plan for the sustainable development of Brisbane through best practice environmental management, partnerships and aligning with international standards.

An adaptive city

We take real and practical action to deliver a low-carbon and climate-resilient city for current and future residents of Brisbane.

A clean city

Goal – Brisbane has clean air, waterways and energy

We have six focus areas to deliver our clean city goal:

  1. Low carbon
  2. Clean air
  3. Waterway health
  4. Sustainable city development
  5. Waste and resource recovery
  6. Clean transport

A green city

Goal – Brisbane is green, resilient and sustainable

We have six focus areas to deliver our green city goal:

  1. Well-designed parks and green spaces
  2. Increase urban forest
  3. Sustainable city development
  4. Biodiversity protection and conservation
  5. Sustainable water use
  6. Climate resilience

A future city

We have seven future city aspirations that will help deliver our vision of a clean, green and sustainable city, now and for future generations:

  1. World-class outdoor spaces
  2. A walkable Brisbane
  3. Cooling with green
  4. Renewable Brisbane
  5. Embracing our biodiverse Brisbane
  6. Resilient Brisbane
  7. Sustainability precincts


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