Getting started with composting

Did you know many of your kitchen scraps can easily be composted to create rich nutrients for your garden instead of going to landfill? With International Compost Awareness Week kicking off the month of May, if you’re not already composting, now is the perfect time to start.

Setting yourself up for success

Brisbane City Council is making purchasing your organic recycling system easier with our compost rebate program. The program provides eligible Brisbane residents a rebate of up to $70 off the purchase of eligible composting equipment. The program involves an education component to ensure you become a successful composter or worm farmer.

The way you set up and maintain your system will depend on which one you choose, so make sure you check out our in-depth tips on compost bins or worm farms once you’ve decided.

Choosing what to compost

Before you start composting, you will also need to get a container that you can use to gather your food scraps in the kitchen before you add them to your compost bin or worm farm. This can be something as simple as an old yoghurt container or an ice cream tub.

Some of the most common items of food waste you can start putting in this collection caddy are egg shells, vegetable peelings, fruit skins, leftover cooked vegetables, used tea bags, coffee grounds and wilted herbs. Remember not to put in any meat, bones, bread or pasta, as this may cause your compost to smell.

Reaping the rewards

Compost is created when the kitchen waste inside your compost bin or worm farm breaks down. You will know your compost is ready to use when it is a rich, dark colour and resembles soil.

You can use your compost in a variety of ways but it is most commonly used as potting mix, soil enhancer or mulch. In addition to saving you time and money in the garden, your compost will nourish your soil and make it healthier, meaning happier plants!

Not enough space at home?

If you like the idea of composting but your home is too small, registering for your local community composting hub is a great option.

There is no cost to join and you will still be helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by reducing your food waste at home. Once you register, you can pick up a free kitchen caddy from your local ward office so you can start collecting your kitchen scraps right away and easily transport them to your closest hub.

New composting hubs are joining our network all the time, with another hub opening at Downfall Creek Bushland Centre in Chermside West on 19 May. If there’s one near your home, don’t wait to get started!

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Last updated: 20 October 2020
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