Community Conservation Assistance

Community Conservation Assistance (CCA) provides support to individuals and groups within Brisbane City Council's Community Conservation Partnerships Program (CCPP) to undertake environmental restoration or rehabilitation works. Council can help the community to deliver these projects within priority biodiversity areas that would otherwise be difficult for groups or individuals to undertake. 

Unlike the Lord Mayor’s Community Sustainability and Environmental Grants, CCA is not a cash grant. Rather, Council works in partnership with groups and individuals to deliver on-ground weed control and bush restoration works.

2020-21 financial year - funding redirected

The 2020-21 CCA funding has been redirected to support Council's coronavirus response. This redirection of funds means the 2020-21 program will not open for public submissions.

As detailed in the 2020-21 budget document, funds will be redirected for a period of 12 months, with funding predicted to return in 2021-22.

Any pre-approved projects from within the 2019-20 financial year will continue to be funded and CCPP officers will continue to work with successful recipients to deliver these projects.


Groups who are eligible to apply for CCA are:

Priority will be given to projects that: 

  • reduce the impact of invasive weed species
  • rehabilitate and expand core habitats, including natural areas
  • strengthen ecological and riparian corridors and linkages
  • reduce erosion and sediment runoff into waterway.

The funding can be allocated for materials that are to be used directly in the project and are effectively ‘consumable’. The items include, but are not limited to:

  • locally-native plants, tree bags, weed mats, mulch, water crystals or other materials designed to protect and assist plant growth
  • products for soil stabilisation such as jute matting and coir logs
  • weed control, including large weed tree removal. 
Last updated: 19 March 2021