Reduce your household carbon footprint

Are you up for the challenge?

Can you reduce your household carbon footprint to help reduce the impacts of climate change on your family, local community, and globally?

Use the Brisbane Carbon Challenge calculator to estimate your household's carbon footprint and receive tips on how to reduce it and save money at the same time.

Brisbane City Council has set a target to help residents reduce their household carbon emissions (otherwise known as your 'carbon footprint') from home energy use, transport, and waste to six tonnes on average by 2031. The current household average is around 11 tonnes, so this represents about a 50 percent reduction.

Simple steps at home such as switching off lights and appliances, reducing food waste, composting food scraps, catching the bus a few days a week, or cycling to work or school instead of using the car can make a big difference. These changes can also help reduce your household bills, potentially by up to thousands of dollars each year.

Through the Brisbane Carbon Challenge, Council is providing resources, programs and learning opportunities to help residents understand and reduce their household carbon emissions and bills.

Take the Brisbane Carbon Challenge

Did you know...

  • Fact: Emissions from petrol-fuelled cars make up approximately 50 percent of all household carbon emissions.
    What you can do: Find out about Council's cycling and walking network and other transport options for a green way to get around.
  • Fact: Home energy use can contribute 5 tonnes of emissions to an average household's annual carbon footprint.
    What you can do: Changing simple behaviours such as turning off switches, washing in cold water and reducing showers to four minutes can save energy-related emissions and help reduce your household energy bills.
  • Fact: Food scraps, paper and green waste going into your rubbish can generate approximately half a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions each year for an average household.
    What you can do: Find out about Council's waste and recycling programs.

Become a champion household

Reducing your household carbon emissions by up to 50 percent might sound like a daunting task and will be more difficult for some of us than others.

To demonstrate how it can be done, Council is recruiting up to 20 champion households. The champions will be supported by Council's sustainability agency, CitySmart, throughout 2021 to understand where their carbon emissions are coming from, take action to reduce them and share their experiences along the way.

If you think you've got what it takes and would like to get involved visit the CitySmart website to complete an application form.

Last updated: 3 November 2020