Become a master composter

Are you an experienced composter who wants to learn more? Brisbane City Council offers a free advanced high-level training course in composting to those who are ready to take the next step on their composting journey.

About the course

The Master Composter Brisbane training is a hybrid online and in-person course over approximately 10 hours.

Following the completion of the training course, participants are required to use their new skills by completing 20 hours of volunteer work on organic recycling in the community before receiving their Master Composter certificate.

The course will provide in-depth training on:

  • the science of composting
  • composting methods
  • other organic recycling techniques (such as worm farming, bokashi, and black soldier fly larvae)
  • troubleshooting
  • helping others learn about composting.

Participants will be sent a Master Composter digital workbook to download as a reference.

Master Composter course booklet

This course book is designed to be a reference which accompanies the course. While the course itself will not follow this book exactly, the material will be presented in roughly the same order.

Download the book in your preferred format:

Eligibility requirements

To be considered for the course you must:

  • have a current working knowledge of composting or worm farming, either composting at your own home or at a community garden
  • be willing and able to attend two half days of in-person training 
  • be willing and able to participate in online training modules (approximately four hours in total)
  • be willing and able to complete 20 hours of volunteer work (within 12 months of completing the training) which promotes and assists composting in the community.

Examples of volunteer work include:

  • volunteering at a community compost hub 
  • volunteering at a school, retirement home, or community centre to help with composting
  • running compost workshops
  • providing information to the public on composting at community events (e.g. fetes)

After completing your volunteer hours, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Course dates and locations

The next Master Composter course will be held in 2022. The dates have not yet been finalised, but if you're interested in being notified about the next course, email your expression of interest to the WasteSmart Home team.

More information 

Learn more about composting by volunteering at a community composting hub.

Last updated: 27 September 2021
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