Compost rebate program

Composting and worm farming are effective ways to produce rich compost for your garden while reducing food waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

Brisbane City Council is making it more affordable to get started on composting at home with our compost rebate program. The program provides eligible Brisbane residents with a rebate of up to $70 for the purchase of composting equipment.

Things you need to know to make a claim

  • You must make the claim using your personal bank account. Someone else cannot claim on your behalf using their bank account.
  • The rebate is a one-off incentive claim for one eligible composting item per household. You cannot claim multiple items on a single receipt.
  • If you are eligible for a claim, Council will reimburse up to $70 of the original cost.
  • You must be living at the property to claim the compost rebate
  • Tenants and property owners are welcome to apply. Landlords and property managers are not eligible to claim the rebate for their rental properties.

Before you start your claim

You will need the following items to complete your claim:

  • a copy of your receipt of purchase - the description of the item, supplier, date and ABN must all be clearly legible
  • your property address
  • your bank account details for the rebate to be refunded to.

Steps to claim your rebate


Buy your compost equipment

Select and purchase your eligible compost equipment item from any retailer or online platform (excluding second-hand distributors). Eligible items include:

  • compost bin or tumbler
  • pet waste composting system
  • compost aerator or drill
  • worm farm or tower
  • in-ground composter or worm farm
  • bokashi composting system
  • compost monitoring device (e.g. temperature probe, compost sensor etc).

Non-eligible items: live worms, carbon material, worm farm conditioner, bokashi grains or liquid spray, compost accelerator liquid, compost blocks.

Check out the eligibility criteria in our terms and conditions.

Consider supporting a local business (e.g. local nursery) when purchasing your equipment.

Before you buy, find out how to choose the right compost equipment.

Remember to keep your receipt as proof of purchase.


Claim your rebate

Claiming your rebate is easy! 

Fill in all of the required fields in the rebate request form. Remember to submit the form once complete.

Your rebate claim should be processed and actioned within 14 days.


Start composting

You are now ready to start composting!

For hints and tips on composting, worm farming, or using a bokashi, watch our videos.

Choose the right equipment

Watch the videos below and read the content under more information, hints and tips to find out more about composting, worm farming and bokashi to help you choose the system that will best work for you.

Length: 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 

Length: 3 minutes and 40 seconds. 

Length: 3 minutes and 47 seconds

Frequently asked questions

Can residents buy a second-hand compost system?

No. Second-hand compost equipment of any type is not eligible.

What if I live in a share house? Is every resident of my home eligible for the rebate?

No. There is one rebate per household. The rebate is linked to the address and not the individual resident.

I own an investment property. Can I claim a rebate for a home I own, but do not live in?

No. You must live at the home to claim the rebate. You can be a tenant or owner. Landlords are not eligible to claim a rebate for rental properties.

Can I purchase a compost bin and a worm farm, if I find two systems under $70?

No. The rebate is limited to one composting system per household. You cannot make multiple claims for a rebate.

How long before I get my rebate?

You'll get your rebate within 30 days of acceptance of your submission. The rebate will be paid via direct deposit into your nominated bank account. 

I don't have access to a computer. How do I claim my rebate?

Applications for the rebate can only be submitted online. If you don’t have access to a computer with internet connection, consider asking a family or friend for assistance. Internet access is also available at Council libraries. Find out more about computers and Wi-Fi at Council libraries.

What if I lose my receipt for my compost system?

You must provide a copy of the receipt or proof of purchase which includes the date and an itemised list of the eligible product. A rebate will not be provided without a valid receipt.

If you have lost your receipt, you may be able to contact the supplier and ask if the receipt can be reissued.

Can I purchase the compost system online?

Yes. Your compost bin, worm farm or bokashi or similar composting system can be purchased online, however, postage costs are not eligible as part of your rebate claim.

Consider supporting a small, local, Brisbane-based business when purchasing your compost system.

What if I bought a compost system before 1 July 2020 but still have my receipt? Can I claim the rebate?

No. Any equipment being claimed must have been purchased on or after 1 July 2020.

Can I claim my rebate in person at one of the regional business centres?

No. Applications for the rebate can only be submitted online. Consider asking your family and friends if you require computer or internet access, or use the free computer facilities at Council libraries.

I need help maintaining my composting system?

Find out more by watching the instructional videos and reading resources under more information, hints and tips. You may also wish to attend one of Council's free compost and worm farm workshops.

I can’t see where to select a bokashi or similar composting system on the rebate form. How do I claim my rebate?

If you have purchased a bokashi or similar system, simply select ‘compost bin’ on the rebate form. The system will automatically recognise this when you submit your rebate forms.

Last updated: 5 September 2023
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