Compost rebate program

Composting or worm farming is a fantastic way to reduce your household's food waste going to landfill. Brisbane City Council is making purchasing your organic recycling system easier with our compost rebate program. The program provides eligible Brisbane residents a rebate of up to $70 off the purchase of eligible composting equipment.

Steps to claim your rebate

In order to apply to claim a rebate, you need to follow the steps below and remember:

  • the compost rebate is limited to one composting system per household up to the value of $70 rebate
  • claims can only be submitted by a resident currently residing at the property e.g. tenant or owner occupier
  • landlords are not eligible to claim a rebate for their rental properties.

Read the terms and conditions for the compost rebate program before going further.


Complete your compost education

Watch our short videos and choose the organic recycling method that best suits your household's needs. Then complete the education questionnaire for your chosen method. Your answers will create a PDF. The PDF will be emailed to you as evidence you have completed the education component of the program.

To confirm your eligibility, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the link in the email containing your completed questionnaire.
  2. Upload the PDF attached to your email.
  3. Once you've uploaded your PDF, you'll receive a unique code. Keep this code safe as you'll need it to claim your rebate.
Step 2

Buy your compost system

Now it's time to go out and buy your compost bin, worm farm, bokashi or similar composting system. Be sure to keep your receipt as proof of purchase.


Claim your rebate

Claim your rebate by completing the online form. Make sure you have your unique code handy and that you're ready to upload a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase.

Choose the right system - short videos

Watch one or both of the videos below to help learn more about organic recycling. 

Then complete either the compost or worm farm questionnaire.

Step-by-step guide to composting video

This video tutorial is 3 minutes and 21 seconds long. It will take you through the process of selecting a compost bin, choosing a location, getting started, maintaining your compost and using your finished product.

Step by step guide to worm farming video

This video tutorial is 3 minutes and 43 seconds long. This video will take you through the process of setting up a worm farm, maintaining your worm farm, harvesting castings and worm tea and using castings and worm tea in your garden.

Test your knowledge with our questionnaire

Now that you've watched the short video tutorials and perhaps sought some advice from experts, you should have a good idea about which system will work best for your home and lifestyle. 

Choose the compost bin or worm farm button below to complete our questionnaire to test your knowledge about your preferred organic recycling system. 

Compost bin     Worm farm

More information and hints to get expert help

Browse our compost and organic waste recycling information to learn more about organic recycling. You might find our Compost and worm farm brochure particularly useful.

Brisbane has several local nurseries who employ gardening experts that can help you decide which composting system will best suit your household's needs.

Consider supporting a small, local Brisbane business when purchasing your compost bin or worm farm.

Frequently asked questions

Can residents buy a secondhand compost system?

Secondhand purchases can be rebated if a valid proof of purchase is provided. To be valid a receipt must be itemised and include the item purchased, cost, date and name, and phone number of the seller.

What if I live in a share house? Is every resident of my home eligible for the rebate?

There is one rebate per household available from 1 July 2020. The rebate is linked to the address and not the individual resident.

I own an investment property. Can I claim a rebate for a home I own, but do not live in?

The rebate must be submitted by a resident who currently resides at the home, either a tenant or an owner-occupier. Landlords are not eligible to claim a rebate for their rental properties.

Can I purchase a compost bin and a worm farm, if I find two systems under $70?

The rebate is limited to one composting system per household. You cannot make multiple claims for a rebate.

How long before I get my rebate?

Rebates will be paid within 30 days of acceptance of the submission, via a direct deposit into the nominated bank account. 

I don't have access to a computer. How do I claim my rebate?

Applications for the rebate can only be submitted online. If you don’t have access to a computer or the internet, consider asking a family or friend for assistance. Internet access is also available at Council libraries. Find out more about computers and Wi-Fi at Council libraries.

What if I lose my unique code?

Customers are emailed their unique validation code. If you cannot locate the unique validation code previously provided, phone Council on 07 3403 8888. You will be asked for the name and contact details provided for the rebate to confirm identity.

What if I lose my receipt for my compost system?

If you wish to claim a rebate you must provide a copy of receipt or proof of purchase which includes the date and an itemised list of the goods. A rebate will not be provided without a valid receipt.

If you have lost your receipt you may be able to contact the supplier and ask if the receipt can be resupplied.

Can I purchase the compost system online?

Your compost bin, worm farm or bokashi or similar composting system can be purchased online, but postage costs are not eligible for the rebate. Consider supporting a small, local Brisbane business when purchasing your compost system.

What if I bought a compost system before 1 July 2020 but still have my receipt? Can I claim the rebate?

Composting/worm farming equipment that is being claimed must have been purchased on or after 1 July 2020 and after the completion of the education questionnaire.

What if I don’t want to complete the education component? Can I still claim the rebate?

No. The questionnaire is a vital part of Council’s compost rebate program. It will help Council develop the program further, but it also sets residents up with important foundational knowledge to help them become successful composters or worm farmers.

Can I claim my rebate in-person at one of the regional business centres?

Applications for the rebate can only be submitted online. Please consider asking your family and friends if you require computer or internet access, until the free facilities at Council’s libraries reopen.

I need help maintaining my composting system?

There’s plenty of resources on this website that may be able to assist you. Start by downloading the compost and worm farm brochure and checking the troubleshooting guide inside.

I can’t see where to select a bokashi or similar composting system on the rebate form. How do I claim my rebate?

If you have purchased a bokashi or similar system, simply select ‘compost bin’ on the rebate form. The system will automatically recognise this when you submit your rebate forms.

Last updated: 28 October 2021
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