Community composting hubs

Brisbane City Council has partnered with a number of community gardens around Brisbane to help residents turn kitchen scraps into nutrients for soil.

Food waste is a big part of what goes into Brisbane’s bins. Composting helps to reduce the amount of organic waste we send to landfill. It is an easy way to build an understanding of where our food comes from. It also shows how valuable our kitchen scraps can be in the cultivation and harvesting cycle.

Community composting hubs will reopen from 13 June 2020. Participants are advised to practice social distancing and to wash their hands before and after accessing the hub.  

To ensure the safety of volunteers and residents, and to abide by State Government regulations, only 20 people will be permitted at the community composting hub at any one time. Find out more.

In the meantime, there are lots of organic recycling methods you can do at home while hubs are closed, regardless of where you live. Find out more.

This program encourages residents living near community composting hubs to regularly contribute their kitchen scraps to community garden compost bin. With support from Council and local garden volunteers, residents can learn about the benefits of composting. They will also learn other ways to reduce the amount of organic waste they create.

Registered participants can obtain a free kitchen caddy from their local ward office. The caddy will help them collect and transport scraps to their local composting hub. On-site signage at hubs makes composting quick and easy. 

Community composting hub locations

Find community composting hub locations across Brisbane. 

Community gardens in Brisbane wishing to nominate to become a community composting hub can email the project team. Include details of the location and proposed compost bin placement area.

Council is working hard to grow our community composting network. If there isn’t one close to your home yet, we encourage you to check out ShareWaste. You can connect with neighbours who are interested in accepting your scraps to feed their worm farm, chickens or compost stations.

Register online

Register online to be involved at a community composting hub near you.

More information 

If you'd like to learn more, attend one of our free compost and worm farm workshops or one of our community composting hub welcome days.

To volunteer in your local community garden, view contact information on our find your local community garden page.

Last updated:3 June 2020
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